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Why Should You Send Dad Flowers for Father’s Day?

flowers for dad

Flowers for Mother’s Day are a no brainer. Flowers for Father’s Day? Not so much.  Why is that? Flowers adorn a man’s lapel when he gets married. They are often sent to the family (not just the mom) when a new baby is born, and flowers will accompany a man when he is laid to rest. These shouldn’t be the only times it is acceptable for a man to receive flowers.

Flowers are a part of nature and their beauty brings joy.

Dad’s deserve to get a gift that brings them great joy, and a bouquet of flowers is just the thing to do so. Many dads are practical and may see a traditional bouquet a waste because they won’t last forever. Send him a plant instead. This is something he can enjoy for a long while, and will always think of your when he does so.

Flowers for Father’s Day are unexpected.

Father's Love Arrangement

Father’s Love Arrangement

Socks, ties, and tools are all common gifts that many dads expect. Sending flowers is a way for you to think outside of the (tool) box and give your dad something different this year. He’ll probably welcome the surprise.

Flowers have a special message. 

The Language of Flowers has been used to convey messages for many years and is a great way to tell your dad how you feel. Red roses stand for love and are the flower of Father’s Day. Gladiolus were the flowers of the gladiators and stand for strength of character and never giving up.  White Heather symbolizes protection and delphinium represent fun and lightheartedness.

Flowers may be the present your dad never imagined he would enjoy getting. Give the gift of the unexpected and tell your dad a different kind of story. One where the hero has a cape but also stops to smell the roses. This Father’s Day, celebrate a little differently by sending your dad flowers.


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  1. Great reasons.

  2. Agree and my experience has been what you have written is true we need more blogs encouraging people to give mem flowers …love outside the toolbox

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