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All Zodiac Signs Point To Birthday Flowers

April is the month of many birthdays in my family. I knew that I wanted to send my elderly grandmother a colorful spring bouquet but was unsure of which unique gift to give my sister. Shannon shares a birthday with my best friend, which is difficult enough, but her birthday is also one of five family birthdays in the month.

I went in search of a unique idea for expressing just how meaningful Shannon is to me and how special she is apart from anyone else. I began shopping through the horde of treasures on her wish list but nothing particularly grabbed my fancy. I dislike shopping and exhaust easily under the pressure to be sold something so I took a break to peruse the rest of the marvels that the Internet has to offer. It was shortly thereafter when I stumbled upon a great gift idea and all I had to do was look to the stars! No, I was not viewing the celebrity gossip blogs but was looking at an article that noted the different types of flowers that coincide with astrological signs. How interesting!

I hear Shannon speak often of the birthstone that correlates to her zodiac sign so sending flowers that designated her astrological sign seemed like the perfect idea I’d longed to find. My dear little sister is an Aries which coincides with beautiful blooms such as tulips, red roses, and amaryllis. It was quite a treat to watch her smile at the spectacular bouquet our local florist had arranged.


This is similar to the bouquet that received such a favorable response.

April also cedes two weeks to the Taurus sign under which my grandmother falls. The arrangement of iris, sweet pea, lilac, and lavender is sure to brighten her table in the coming weeks. I look forward to letting my grandmother see how much thought went into her gift so that she will know how often she is on my mind.

Both women are strikingly different and sending a personalized gift of birthday flowers helped express all of the things about both that I love so much. They are strong, intelligent, beautiful, graceful, and charming ladies. In as much as I wish I could share my love for them in words, so also I wish I could have forever captured the indescribable happiness of seeing each receive my gift and feel as adored and splendid for a moment as I find them all year.

Brynn – FSN Support Staff

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