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What A Charming Gift Idea for Fall!

I mean this in the best of ways…

The “Charming For Fall” flower basket looks just like something my grandmother would love. For that matter, my mother would love it also. It’s the perfect fall flower arrangement for a dining room table, a mantlepiece, the coffee table, or anywhere else that flower baskets could be used for decoration. In my mother’s house, that’s the table at the end of the hall. It fills an empty space and is often overlooked. Not anymore!

"Charming For Fall" Flower Basket

"Charming For Fall" Flower Basket

Both women have an affinity for fall decorating. Flowers are their thing. They usually have immaculate gardens and displays of flowers that neighbors envy. This year is going to be a little bit different for both. My grandmother turned 82 in April. Still a pistol with her speech, her body is failing and she’s left in a motorized wheelchair. That means gardening the hilly land around her house is out of the question.

My mom is a full time mom even though her children are 22, 23 and 26. She is also the full-time homemaker, a college professor during the day and is a medicare billing specialist at night.

I love these women with all of my heart.  I couldn’t ask for more respectable, strong women in my life. I want to honor them with something special this month. A gift isn’t enough. They need a special gift with meaning and feeling. I looked at the “Charming For Fall” arrangement and knew instantly that it was the right gift for them. Though too busy and too frail to garden for themselves, they can still enjoy fall flowers and autumn decorations.

It’s important to me that they get the best. They always give it to me.

Which flower arrangement is your favorite? Tell us why and it may be next month’s featured flower arrangement!

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