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Setting Your Table for Spring

Photo Courtesy: Aiken House & Gardens

Spring will be here in a few short days! Nature will be coming into bloom which makes this a wonderful time to decorate your home for the new season. One of the best things about spring? Fresh flowers! Take advantage of those blossoms that are only available during this time of year and freshen up your home with a gorgeous centerpiece. [Read more…]

2017 Floral Design Trends: Prom Edition

Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Date? Check.

Gorgeous flowers to match it all?

If you haven’t marked this one off your prom to-do list, there are some fun design trends to look forward to when choosing your corsage and boutonniere. [Read more…]

For the Love of Floral Design

Floral design day takes place each year on February 28th. It is a day dedicated to floral design as an art form. To celebrate this year, we are bringing you some tips to help create your own floral artwork! [Read more…]

Why Gamble? Order Local!

“I can’t thank Poplarville Floral enough for the beautiful flowers my brother and sister-in-law received. I tried to go through [online floral retailer] but had to do a $100 order to get them delivered. So, I took a chance and ordered local. I will be ordering Christmas arrangements from this shop in the future.” – Dorothy Tasker

“So, I took a chance and ordered local…” [Read more…]

5 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Arrangements

Are you looking for some floral inspiration this Valentine’s Day?  Check out these five arrangements! You’ll find everything from the traditional, to whimsical. [Read more…]

5 Jaw-Dropping Winter Centerpieces

Yes, your dining room table CAN look like that!

With the help of your local florist, of course.

This winter see how your local florist can totally transform a space. Take a look at these five gorgeous designs and how they bring a sophisticated style to the home.
[Read more…]

Succulent Inspired Trends

From home decor to fashion and especially weddings, succulents with their unique textures and bold forms have quickly become the hottest new trend. These durable little plants are easy to care for and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Keep reading to see some of the latest surprising succulent trends this season!

[Read more…]

How to Decorate for Fall With Flowers

A new season means new opportunities to decorate. Add a floral centerpiece to your dining room table and a few fall flower arrangements around the living room and it will feel like you have redecorated your home! Here are some easy ways to incorporate beautiful fall flowers and the shades of the season into your home decorations.

[Read more…]

Wedding Trend: Suspended and Hanging Flowers

Photo by: Ginger Lily & Rose

Bring innovative design and breathtaking views to your wedding day with the use of suspended and hanging flowers. This dramatic wedding trend can instantly add depth and elegance to an outdoor or indoor space. Find ideas for your wedding venue with these inspirational images. Remember to save the pictures you like so your florist can make your vision come to life!


This beautiful photo shows how hanging flowers can give your space an intimate feeling.

Photo by: Mod Wedding

[Read more…]

Florists’ Tools of the Trade

Every job requires some type of tool.  A writer needs a pen and paper (or laptop). An artist needs a brush and paint.  A florist also needs a specific set of tools.  This not only makes life easier, but allows for the proper care of the flowers.  Daydreams

Have you ever tried to cut flower stems and ended up with a horrible mess?  Florists avoid this and are able to have nice clean cuts because they use specific cutters.  Knives, shears, scissors, and wire cutters are all used.  Each one has a different job and serves a unique purpose.  Knives and floral shears are used to cut stems.  They allow for a clean cut without damaging the stem.  Scissors are usually saved for ribbon and wire cutters are used for…wire.lilyrosecarnationdaisy

There are also several ways florists are able to make arrangements stay exactly how they want them.  Floral foam, wire, tape, and glue are just a few examples.  Several flower stems can be taped together to create a fuller look.  Foam can be soaked in water, allowing the flowers to last longer after they are placed.  Wire adds stability, and can also be used to create a unique look in the design.

Creating beautiful flower arrangements is tough work.  There are many elements of design that are applied.  These tools help florists make sure your arrangement is perfect. Only at your local florist will you find beautifully hand-designed arrangements. Find a florist near you to order some fresh flowers today!

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