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Let Flowers Symbolize Your New Year Resolutions

Flower Symbols

With a brand new year on the horizon, we’ve all started thinking about what we can do to make it better than the previous. We all have good intentions when creating New Years’ resolutions, however, most of us never follow through. Why? We tend to make a lot of promises to ourselves we can’t keep — Loose 20 lbs; stop smoking; read a book every month. While these are great goals to have, it can be extremely overwhelming to start these all at once on January 1st.

How To Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

Choose New Year’s resolutions that aren’t as hard to keep. Instead, make goals to yourself that are broad, fit into your routine and are also fun to do! Instead of focusing on drastically changing your habits, choose resolutions to enhance those aspects of your lifestyle.

Let Flowers Symbolize Your New Year

Each flower has a meaning that dates back as far as Victorian times. These meanings symbolize anything from ‘love’ to ‘wealth & prosperity.’ This New Years, let flowers symbolize what you want 2013 to mean to you. Symbolic flowers with specific meanings will help you visualize and empower your goals. Order flowers for yourself or to decorate your home for the new year, make it a new tradition. Use the flower meanings tool to find symbols of exactly what you want your new year to be for you and your family.

Luck & StrengthBest New Year’s Resolutions To Keep

  • Spend more time with family. (Aster, Lily, Statice)
  • Go to lunch with friends more often. (Aster, Peony)
  • Enjoy life more. (Gerbera Daisy, Peony, Statice)
  • Find time to read more. (Iris, Protea, Heather)
  • Learn something new. (Iris, Protea)
  • Join a gym class you’ll actually enjoy. (yoga, dancing?) (Gerbera Daisy, Protea)
  • Save money. (Iris, Heather, Bells of Ireland)
  • Find ways to recycle more. (Iris, Aster, Protea)
  • Cut back on smoking. Find ways to commit to the quit. (Protea, Gerbera Daisy, Aster, Lily)
  • Devote more time to hobbies and fun. Especially with the family. (Aster, Peony, Statice)
  • Visit somewhere new. (Protea, Heather, Gerbera Daisy)
  • Give or volunteer to help those in need. (Aster, Protea, Heather)

Here are a few good flower meanings to get you started:

Visualizing your goals through the meanings of flowers will help you remember them throughout the year, as well as remind you to keep strong! 2013 is looking to be an amazing year, but there is so much potential for you can make yours EVEN BETTER!

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