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Mark September With An Aster-isks

My mother is a Virgo. I’m dating a Virgo. Oddly enough, their birthday is the same day. Suffice it to say that gift giving in the Jackson family becomes very difficult around September 15th. I’m quite taken with birth month flowers as unique birthday gifts because it blends the traditional with the creative. This is a very endearing quality after three years of finding a unique gift for a man and a charming birthday gift for a mother all on the same day!

My fellow is fairly easy to please when gift giving is involved. His birthday is a fairly major occasion but finding a way to make him feel completely special on that day is difficult when we also celebrate Mom’s birthday on that day. Not this year! The two birth month flowers of September are aster and morning glory. My sweet pleasant beloved makes a point to call me from work every morning just to say good morning. For this reason, the birthday gift for him becomes *drum roll* … the morning glory! Coupled with a few wish-list gifts, a packet of seeds of this birth month flower will add a dash of whimsy to the traditional gifts. I’m still learning to knit so that I can watch him fake excitement over an ugly multi-colored sweater for next year. For this year, flowers and game consoles will do.

My mother is amazing. She’s the most incredible woman in the world (except for your mother, of course) and that near grasp of perfection can grind away at the nerves when birthday gift shopping. My mother either has everything, wants nothing, or won’t specify. Well, she’s not getting an option this year. My mother is an avid vegetable gardener. She also landscapes her yard and my grandfather’s yard to give them immaculate appearances. I know that she loves flowers and loves decorating her home with the flowers from her garden. This year she’s getting a bouquet of aster for her home and, since morning glory is typically a garden flower rather than a cut flower, a few started morning glory to add to her collection of incredible garden flowers.

Wonderful. I’ve finally found a way to satisfy all of the people in my life with September birthdays just by incorporating the September birth month flowers into a unique birthday gift. Thankfully October is all about me. Just kidding.

Contact your local florist for a unique birthday gift for your September friend!

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