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Going Beyond Red This Valentine’s Day

When you think Valentine’s Day flowers, most people instantly imagine a bouquet of a dozen red roses. Why? Roses have been the traditional romantic gift for generations, but these days more and more people are craving something more personal. This Valentine’s Day, if you’re looking for something unique to send to your sweetie, why not choose flowers specifically chosen just for her? Not only will she be blown away by your sweetness, she’ll love that you remembered her favorite color. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Purple Valentine’s Day Flowers

Precious Purple Valentine's Day Flowers Purple Tulips For Valentine's Day Purple Flowers For Valentines

Purple has been said to evoke feelings of spirituality and luxury; it encourages creativity, uplifts, and calms the mind/nerves.

Orange Valentine’s Day Flowers

Hot Hot Hot Orange Valentine's Day Flowers Orange Rose ArrangementFlor-Allure Orange Flowers

Orange flowers give us feelings of energy, eagerness and happiness. They energize nerves, stimulate appetite, and encourage socialization.

White Valentine’s Day Flowers

White Flowers for Romance Soft pink and white flowers for Valentine's Day White Roses

White flowers give us feelings of purity and peace. They encourage mental clarity and enable fresh beginnings.

Whether you’re sending one of these arrangements or sticking with the traditional dozen roses, always always always use a real local florist! It’s so important!

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