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“Thank You”, “Get Well” & “I Love You” Always Sound Better with Flowers!

Thank You Flowers

Need to send an extra special thank you to someone wonderful in your life? Why not do it with flowers? Flowers never fail to put a smile on someone’s face and a little extra cheer in someone’s heart. So if you need to thank someone for a job well done, or just for being there for you when you needed it, send flowers — it’s the best way to go!

Here are a few Thank You flower arrangements to get you started:

Thank You Flower Mug Thank You Flowers Sending Thank You Flowers

Get Well Flowers

Know someone feeling under the weather? Maybe you have a friend who has been in the hospital recently or just going through a tough situation? Sending Get Well flowers is all about encouragement. [Read more…]

Treat-Yourself Tuesday — Because You Deserve It

Treat-Yourself Tuesday

This weekend was such a BUSY shopping weekend — Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. Well, we decided today is Treat-Yourself Tuesday. Why not pamper yourself with all the money you SAVED over the weekend? Ever girl loves flowers; start your day of pampering by having flowers delivered to your home or office. It only takes about 5 minutes to order (remember local, local, local!), and your whole week will be enhanced by the beautiful flowers and lovely fragrances. Your florist will take care of everything and deliver them right to your door! (Santa better look out!)

If you shopped as much as I did, I know you need a pick-me-up this week, and fresh flowers are just the ticket! Some might hesitate at buying flowers for yourself, but why not? Forget red roses, you can choose a style that is all your own with your favorite colors and flowers. You might be surprised just how many beautiful types of floral designs are out there. Tell your florist about your favorite things, and let them create a custom arrangement just for you.

Flowers make your day better, but don’t stop there! Continue Treat-Yourself Tuesday with a nice hot bath, your favorite teas or wines, a good book. You’ve spent all weekend thinking about gifts for others, make this Tuesday all about YOU.

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Winter Romance: Create Some Heat With a Radiant Bouquet!

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas just ending, now is the perfect time for you to surprise your lady with a little winter romance. She probably won’t admit it, but she did a LOT at Christmas: cooking, cleaning, shopping, gift wrapping, kid wrangling, more gift wrapping, fighting the dog off the presents and keeping the cat out of the tree… the list goes on and on.

Now is the PERFECT time to show her just how much you care. Surprise her with romantic flowers either at home or the office. She will be tickled pink to get the love and recognition from you she really.. really deserves. Sure, she probably got a ton of great gifts from you and the family, but that’s what makes sending flowers so romantic — she definitely isn’t expecting it.

Here are a few great Winter Romance ideas to get you started:

Small Rose Arrangement Cherry Red Tulup Arrangement Pink Rose Arrangement

Red is always romantic — think roses and tulips.
Pink is a great girl color. Choose hot pink for a the fun and funky girlfriend; soft pink for elegant style.
White flowers are a great choice for winter romance theme.
Favorites — to really go above and beyond, ask your local florist to use her favorite flowers in her favorite colors.
Flowers are also great for January anniversaries! (Especially sent to the office, women love that!)

So guys, start the new year on her GOOD SIDE! Send a little winter romance today!

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Just How MAD is she? Send Flowers!

Did you forget an anniversary? Skip shopping for football? Talk bad about her *delicious* cooking? Well, shame on you… but there is hope…

How To Make Your Wife Happy

Send Wife FlowersThe best way to make your wife or girlfriend happy again, is by surprising her with something special — send flowers. Not just ANY flowers will do, send her a bouquet of her FAVORITES. If you don’t know her favorite flowers, send her favor color. If you don’t know you’re wife’s favorite color, you’re going to be sending a lot more flowers in your future.

Talk to your florist about your wife, tell her what styles she’s into: vintage, contemporary, glitzy, traditional, minimalistic, etc. Your florist will be able to create something wonderful based on just a few details you can tell her about your wife. Florist LOVE creating custom flower arrangements. In fact, if you are the type of guy to only shops online, most florists will have a Designer’s Choice option on their websites. Choose this option when sending flowers online. You will be able type in a comment, and tell the florist all about your girlfriend or wife.

Orange Gerbera Daisy BouquetKeeping Your Wife Happy

Keep the fire alive with spontaneity! Send her flowers just because throughout the year. Here’s a little, not-so-secret secret: women love attention. Receiving flowers at work for no reason will have your wife smiling from ear to ear, and boasting about her fabulous hubby. Every day she walks into her office and sees her desk full of meaningful blooms, she will be in an instant good mood.

Stop by your local florist after work occasionally and pick up a hand-tied bouquet of flowers to bring home to her. Hand delivered is the best flower delivery. This is a great habit to make — keep your wife happy and make her feel special, that is your job after all.

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Sending Flowers Online, Is It A Good Idea?

Sending flowers is always a good idea. Flowers make great gifts. Flowers create positive feelings and make a great impression.  But, is it a good idea to send flowers using a company online?  Until I read Stop! Smell the online flower fraud on the Agassiz-Harrison Observer by

When I send flowers online, I use Flower Shop Network.  Since I work for the company, I know that every florist in our directory is a professional florist located in the city to which I am sending or at least one in very close proximity.  But, how does the average Joe know if they are dealing with a reputable company online?

As Michelle explains in her article, from a cost value perspective, dealing with the local florist in the recipient’s area will give you the best deal.  She details the pitfalls of using an order gatherer or websites that claim to be the local florist in her article.

Michelle also outlines a few ways you can ensure the online florist is the real deal.   Look for the following things: the name of the flower shop, the physical address of the shop, the local telephone number.

I would like to add a few extra tips that I use when go to a new vendor website.  These tips are a good idea for any website search you do.

1. Look at the “about us” page.  You will usually find local information or personal information about the company on this page.  I find this very helpful.

2. Make sure the contact page includes a local address and telephone number.  Reputable shops will always have a way for you to contact them locally.  This information should be consistent with the local information found else where on the site.

3.  Check for written or mapped directions to their physical store.  Sometimes I call to make sure the person on the phone gives me the same directions.

These are just a few tips I use when searching the world wide web.

I guess I have to say sending flowers online is a good idea.  Just make sure you know who is behind that website.