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Fathers Day Enclosure Card Messages

  • 1) Thanks for giving me the best things in life: Your time, your care, and your love. Happy Fathers Day.
  • 2) Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day.
  • "Artistic Tribute" Fathers Day Flowers3) May all the love you give to others come back to you on this special day.
  • 4)  Thanks for being there when I need you the most and even when I didn’t.
  • 5)  Thank you for being a good father and a good friend.
  • 6) Forever your daddy’s girl. Happy Father’s Day.
  • 7) My hero, my helper, my friend, my dad. Happy Father’s Day.
  • 8)  My strength and my friend, I am today what I have become because of you. Thanks, Dad.
  • 9) Happy Father’s Day to the greatest Dad in the whole world!
  • 10)  A father is a special part of all that’s cherished in the heart.
  • 11) It’s dads like you that make kids like me happy.
  • 12) #1 dad.
  • 13)  (Funny) Dad, You’re my favorite parent. If you tell Mom, I’ll deny I ever said it and you know who she’ll believe.
  • 14)  (Funny) Dad, You’ve always done what’s best for me even if I didn’t understand it at the time Which isn’t to say I understand it now, either, but I’ll take your word for it.
  • 15)   (Funny) Dad, you work so hard, you need a vacation from all life’s stress, demands, and overbearing egos I’ll try to get out of the house for a while.
  • 16)   No one ever thanks you for all of the little things that you do. The roof over our head, lights in the hallway, and boogey-man free closets. I love you. Happy Father’s Day.
  • 17)   (Funny) Dad, you’ve always given me everything I wanted. Either that or you’re very good at convincing me what I want.
  • 18)   Daddy, I maybe little But I love you real BIG!
  • 19)   You’re so great I’m really glad you turned out to be MY dad!
  • 20)   Thank you for being someone that I can always count on and always turn to. Happy Father’s Day.
  • 21)   (Funny) I hope I’ve made you proud, Dad and if not, hey, maybe you ought to lower your expectations.
  • 22)   (Funny) Happy Father’s Day. We have so much in common Like Mom, for instance.
  • 23)   (Funny) We share a love of sports that’s brought us closer, especially if we shove the recliners together.
  • 24)   (Funny) The Happy Father’s Day Checklist:  Recliner – Check. Remote – Check. Chips – Check.
  • 25)   This is your day, but don’t let me disturb you. It’s best to let sleeping Dads lie.
  • 26)   Thanks for giving me the finer things in life your time, your care, your love.
  • 27)   Somehow, in my heart, I always knew that someone unkind and loving and wise as you would turn out to be not just a wonderful husband, but a great father as well. I was right.
  • 28)   When I was little, Dad, I depended on you for my very existence. Then I figured out how to turn the TV on myself. Happy Father’s Day
  • 29)   You’re the best, Dad No matter what all Mom’s relatives say.
  • 30)   There aren’t enough words in any language to express how much I love you.
  • 31)   1. Me – 2. Your family – 3. Everyone who recognizes kindness, caring, and generosity of spirit. Just a short list of the people whose lives you’ve touched. Happy Father’s Day.

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