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Flower & Plant Care

General Plant Care

You just received an attractive plant. Now you need to know what kind of care this plant needs. Here are a few plant care tips to help you:

Plant care tip #1 – Plant Type. Is it a houseplant, tropical plant, outdoor plant or blooming plant? This will determine the atmosphere the plant will need to survive. General rule of thumb: Most plants delivered by a florist will are houseplants or topical plants and need to be kept indoors.
Plant care tip #2 – Watering Requirements. Different plants need different amount of water. General rule of thumb: keep a plant moderately moist.
Plant Care tip #3 – Light Requirements. Some plants need direct light, some indirect and some have different light requirements based on the season. Plants will grow towards the light. If the plant is growing more on one side it probably needs more light.
Plant Care Tip #4 – Nutrient Requirements. Different plants have different nutrient needs. However, the 3 primary nutrients ( N, P, K) are used by all plants. General rule of thumb: use a balance slow release fertilizer once a month.

These are just a few general plant care tips to help you get started. It is a good idea to check out the specific plant care instructions for the each kind of plant you own.
General Flower Care

You just received a beautiful flower arrangement. With proper care you can extend the live of the flower arrangement. Here are a few tips to help you.

Care Tip #1 – Keep the flowers hydrated. Keep vases and other container filled with water. This is done by adding a little water every day.
Care Tip #2 – Change the water if it becomes cloudy. It may be difficult to tell in any floral container other than a clear vase. Pour the old water out and add new water and floral preservative. The florist used preservative in the original water. If possible re-cut the flower and foliage stems. Use a knife to cut 1 to 2 inches off every stem (use an angled cut and don’t use clippers since they bruise the stems).
Care tip #3 – Keep flowers in a cool area away from direct light, air vents, or anything that puts off heat. Cool conditions (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit) will help the flowers last longer.

These are just a few ways to ensure your flowers will last a long time.