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Grave Blanket with Christmas Garland & Grapevine

I was wondering if you have heard of making a grave blanket out of grapevine and christmas tree outdoor garland. I am wanting to make one for my brother that passed last christmas.

These are pictures of the grave blanket made by Liberty.

Grave Blanket for Mario Picture #1 Mario's Christmas Grave BlanketChristmas grave blanket made for brother (Mario). Christmas Grave Blanket


  1. Yes you can make a grave blanket out of Christmas garland. It is a little harder to weave it in and out of the chicken wire. check out how to make a grave blanket.

    Grapevine, I am not so sure of how you would use it to make a grave blanket. You could use it, as a base for the grave blanket and weave greenery in and out of it. You might be able to form the shape of the grave blanket with the grapevine and attach chicken wire to the inside and weave the greenery in to it.

    If it were me I would use the Christmas garland and for go the grapevine.

  2. Liberty Jabak says:

    Grave Blanket for my Brother

    My brother was 35 years old and passed Christmas 2006. He was 1 year and 24 days older than me. He and I was very close growing up and as adults. Christmas was his favorite holiday. I woke up the day before with this vision of what his grave blanket should look like, and the next day, I went out and did this.

    Pictures are above in original message.

  3. Liberty,

    What a wonderful tribute to a much-loved brother. It is evident that you put a lot of thought in the grave blanket design. Many of the items used must have been things he loved about Christmas – the cute “presents”, the beautiful friendship cross, the vibrant poinsettia blooms. Whether we make the grave blanket ourselves or have a florist create it, incorporating the personality of a loved one, no longer with us, is what make the grave blanket comforting and beautiful. May the peace be with you.

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