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Together We Bloom

Together We Bloom

In the last several weeks, natural disasters have racked our country. There have been wildfires burning in the Northwest. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma wreaked havoc on the Texas Gulf and Florida, and there has been subsequent flooding and storms related to them.

Heartbreaking may be the first word to come to mind when you think of all the homes and businesses that have been destroyed. Lives have been interrupted, uprooted, and lost.

Encouraging, determined, and hopeful are just a few of the words that come to mind when I reflect on what is happening in our country. Why? Because despite these troubling disasters, we have risen up as a nation to support one another.

flowersThe floral community, in particular, never ceases to amaze me. As a newcomer to the industry, I have spent the last year immersing myself in the floral industry. There is a raw sort of determination and tenacity that leaves me in awe. Florists are an important part of life and are often overlooked.

Florists are with us through every major milestone of our lives. When we are born, flowers often grace our mother’s hospital room in congratulations. Birthdays, anniversaries, and prom, flowers appear at schools and workplaces to help us celebrate. On a bride’s wedding day, she will walk down the aisle with a bouquet created by her local florist, and when we pass away, a florist will create a funeral piece for our memorial.

Of late, florists have rallied support in their communities to gather needed supplies for hurricane victims. Wholesale warehouses have opened their doors for florists to have a workspace if their own shop was not operational, and one of the top national floral foundations is backing a fund to help those florists who have been displaced.

The floral community is indeed a strong one, and one I am proud to have become a part of. Flowers make life more beautiful, and florists bring that beauty to people every day. The floral industry may seem like a niche industry, and it is. But it is also a very personal and important industry. Your local florist will be there for the¬†exciting times, the “I’m sorry” times, and the most difficult times of your life. If you don’t know your local florist, I encourage you to meet them. Together we bloom, and what better place to do it than at your local flower shop?

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