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Sell Those Add Ons at Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day BalloonAs I have been visiting flower shops over the past weeks I have been reminding them, as part of my training process, to sell more add-ons at Valentine’s Day. Why? For two reasons:

1. Customers want them – Just look at how many more balloons, candy etc are sold over your website vs. in-store. The website simply gives EVERY customer the chance to buy extras. When selling in the store, we forget or become to lazy to mention the extras.

2. It’s a small easy sale. The customer just spent $50 on flowers so a $5 balloon is just 1/10 of the total, and easy for any customer to justify in an instant.

How do you make selling extras a priority?

The easiest approach is to streamline your language…
“As a finishing touch, we can attach an I LOVE YOU balloon to your roses for just $5!”

The worst the customer can say is NO, the best, YES!

Finally, be consistent – offer a finishing touch to every customer!

Try it, it works!


Tim Huckabee AIFSE of FloralStrategies.com. Tim has been in the floral business since 1997 and runs an on-site customer service and sales training program exclusive to our industry.

Are you looking for more helpful sales strategies? Tim has a SuperSalesSkills Webinars chalked full of helpful sales tips and strategies. Flower Shop Network members can attend these webinars at a special discounted rate.  For more information check out SuperSalesSkills Webinars (promotion code included).


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