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Don’t Forget the Florals for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner. Is there a more delicious collection of food gathered together at one meal? Family comes together, gives thanks for the blessings in their lives throughout the past year and shares in a meal prepared to reflect the bounty they have received. It is a time of gratitude, love and appreciation for what and who has blessed your life.

What better way to express those emotions to your friends and family than through a gift of flowers?

Giving Thanks with Flowers

This year, instead of arriving at your dinner with a prepared dish in hand, offer a beautiful fall bouquet to your hostess! She will be far more grateful to receive gorgeous flowers than yet another green bean casserole. The flowers will make the perfect decoration for the festivities and will be a boon to everyone’s day!

Thanksgiving TraditionCascading SplendorBountiful Cornucopia

Displaying Your Floral Bounty

Another option would be to provide a gorgeous floral centerpiece for the dinner table! What would complement a wonderfully prepared golden brown turkey than a cornucopia full of the latest fall blooms? A floral centerpiece will be the ultimate cornerstone for your Thanksgiving decoration!

Thanksgiving is all about friends, family and being grateful. Is it a coincidence that flowers extol those same qualities? Make flowers a part of your Thanksgiving tradition. Contact your local florist today!


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