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Last-Minute Earth Day Celebration Ideas

Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.
I love Earth Day! I don’t think there is anything more inspiring than the earth and mother nature. Together, they have created some of the most fascinating and intricate forms in our universe. We are lucky to call the earth our home, and in this fast-paced world of cellphones, computers, skyscrapers and concrete we tend to neglect her.

So what can you do this Earth Day to show our great planet some love? Well, here are some great and very easy ideas you can do at home or work to get you in the Earth Day spirit!

1. Make A Pledge

The easiest thing to do is make yourself a pledge or resolution to help your planet in your daily life. This can be as easy as picking up litter when you see it on the sidewalk, turn off the faucets in your home when you are not actively using them, stop using plastic water bottles — there are so many ways you can help! If we all do these small gestures, they will add up!

The US EPA has created this great Pick 5 For the Environment pledge that allows you to pick 5 small actions to add to your routine that will make a world of difference! Check it out!

Once you’ve picked your 5, write them down or print them out and hang them somewhere you will see them daily to remind you. A great place for them is on a bulletin board at your shop. You and all of your employees should tack their 5 to your Earth Day pledge board. This will remind you of the things you pledged to do this Earth Day, as well as set an example for your customers and other visitors.

2. Clean Up Your Neighborhood

Take a moment of your day to walk around the block at your house or shop and pick up any trash or debris. While you are walking, really notice the small blessings nature has provided us with. In the floral industry, it is easy to look over natural beauty sometimes. I think, being close to nature and natural materials on a daily basis, we should be more inclined to find beauty in some of the most unique places. Even if your block is surrounded with skyscrapers and concrete, I guarantee you could find some strong, little plant making the most of a crack in the sidewalk.

If you’re feeling more ambitious, take a scenic drive to your closest lake or river and a leisurely walk alongside the water. Pick up any trash you see along the bank.

3. Sidewalk Chalk Awareness

To raise Earth Day Awareness, draw flowers and trees along the sidewalk in front of your shop or house. In big letters write, “HAPPY EARTH DAY,” (and you might include any promotion your shop is having!)

If you can, draw little cartoons of people recycling in different ways. This will give passers-by the real idea of what Earth Day is!

Make sure to buy environmentally-friendly sidewalk chalk! Even if you have no artistic talent, you can draw a tree! If you’re feeling creative, draw a big earth with people holding hands around it. Have fun!

Photos courtesy of ramseymohsen.

This Earth Day Awarenes article is brought to you by local Portland, OR florists.

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