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It’s Almost Time For Hanukkah Again!

Oh the delightful time of year when Hanukkah (Chanukah) rolls around and both Jewish and Gentle feel the spirit of a centuries-old celebration. Whether you’ve been participating in the Hanukkah festivities since childhood or are new to the holiday, you know that giving gifts is a special (albeit somewhat recent) part of the tradition. Flower Shop Network has taken care of one gift idea for you. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first — a little Hanukkah history.

Chanukah is a celebration of two miracles and is also known as the Festival of Lights. Many associate this title with the traditional use of a menorah, or eight fingered candle holder. Chanukah (Hanukkah) is an eight day celebration. During each of the eight days, a single candle is lit on the menorah (Hanukkiah or Chanukiah in Hebrew). This represents the first miracle during the purification of the temple around 165 BCE.

According to the Talmud, there was only enough oil to last the one day. The miracle is that the oil lasted for eight days. Because of this, the menorah is lit one candle at a time during the eight day celebration. This is often performed in front of a window or in another area that can be easily seen so as to follow the commandment to publicize the miracle.

The second miracle celebrated on Chanukah is how Judah Maccabee and his four brothers organized a militant resistance group to drive the much larger Greek-Syrian army out of Judea. This act freed the group from religious persecution and oppression. Henceforth, the freedom gained on this day has remained a large part of the Chanukah celebration.

(Excerpt taken from FSN blog post: Do You Love Jewish Holidays As Much As I Do?)

Typically, one gift is given during each of the eight days of the celebration. Most are significant reflections of Hanukkah’s importance, though more common gifts are often chosen. As mentioned before, Flower Shop Network has made finding a gift for Hanukkah very easy for florists and holiday gift-givers. Here’s how.

Holiday Gift Givers – Flower Shop Network has several very beautiful blue and white flower arrangements made specifically to celebrate Hanukkah. Flower arrangements like the Happy Hanukkah Bouquet, Brilliant Blue, Crisp Winter Skies, and Festival of Flowers bouquets are wonderful gifts for the season.

Florists – Flower Shop Network recently introduced new website pages for your MyFSN e-commerce websites. Among the new selections is a Hanukkah flowers page which shows a wide selection of white and blue flowers (Chanukah colors) and other appropriate gifts. Now, helping your consumers find the perfect Hanukkah gift for a Jewish friend is a snap! It’s as easy as the click of a mouse button.

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