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How To Propagate Sansevieria

Ask the Expert: how can i start another sansevieria from one that i I want to start another plant off of the one I already have. How can I do that? joni


There are two methods by which you can propagate sansevieria.

1) Separate a sucker from the main plant or divide the rhizome. I do this by removing the plant from the container. If I see a sucker (a piece that looks like it is slightly separate from the main plant), I cut it away from the main plant. I then take the sucker and pot it. Be sure to pot it the same level it was originally. You can also simply divide the plant by taking a knife and from the bottom cut upwards towards the foliage until a piece separates from the main plant. Then you can pot this piece.

2) Leaf cuttings are another way to propagate sansevieria. However, leaf cutting will take longer and are not always successful. For leave propagation you will need a piece about three inches in length. Start at the tip of the leaf and go three inches down. Now cut the leaf horizontally and take the three inch piece cut side down and dip into rotting hormone. Then place the piece in moist soil. Be sure to keep the soil moist but not soggy until the roots form.

Good luck and keep me posted.


  1. I’m a little worried because of all the articles I’ve read about separating my ponytail’s pups, there’s a discrepancy on where the pups are said to form/ grow. I have only been able to find directions on separating pups from the base of the tree… Mine has 5 pups growing up and our about halfway to the top, more than that actually, almost to the base of the foliage. I’m afraid I’ll damage my ponytail, and be unable to grow new ones since it doesn’t seem like the process for “onion” type bulbs would be the same for these sprouts that are more shute like, for lack of a better word. It wouldn’t be growing branches or more foliage by chance would it?

  2. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Rhea,
    You should be able to cut or snap off the shoots, then dip them in rooting hormone and plant them in a pot with cactus or succulent potting soil. Keep it moderately moist, and you should start to see new root growth in a few weeks. If you are concerned about damaging your palm, you may try just cutting one of the shoots and planting it to see how your ponytail palm will do.

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