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Three Cheers For Kwanzaa!

Needing gift ideas for Kwanzaa? Kwanzaa begins Saturday, December 26th, 2009 and runs through January 1, 2010. That doesn’t leave much time to do the holiday shopping. If you’ve found yourself in a pickle, Flower Shop Network can help. We’ve listed below some information about the Kwanzaa holiday as well as several gift ideas. Hopefully your festivities will be alight with happiness this year.

“Habari gani?”

Kwanzaa is a traditional African holiday celebrating the traditions and heritage of the African people. Many African-American families have celebrated the holiday for generations and continue to instill the value of heritage in their children.

Gifts (and this can, of course, include flowers) are mainly given to children, but adults often exchange gifts as well. Kwanzaa gifts must always include a book and a heritage symbol. Since the time of agent Egypt, the value of learning and education has played a major part in African heritage. The book emphasizes this value. The heritage symbol reinforces the value of tradition, heritage, and history.

It is important to note key colors used during the celebration of Kwanzaa. These colors are red, black and green. A host of gift ideas is available when you choose based on color and significance. Though flowers are not a traditional Kwanzaa gift, it is common to send flowers to a friend during Kwanzaa to show support of his or her heritage.

Much like an arrangement of fall flowers or a cornucopia, flowers also play a part in Kwanzaa decorations. Red, black and green flower arrangements are used to create the perfect atmosphere for celebrating as they inspire a thirst for knowledge of heritage, history and culture.

This year, choose to include flowers like these when celebrating Kwanzaa with your friends and family. Whether acknowledging a part of a friend’s heritage or celebrating as every other year, let beautiful flowers from a local florist get you in the mood for Kwanzaa.

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