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Take the New Year’s Challenge

A new year brings many exciting opportunities and new adventures. As you reflect on the past year, what moments stand out to you the most? Many times, the moments where we feel loved leave the greatest impression. Our challenge to you is to create a new year’s resolution to spread love and happiness. Say I love you more, show random acts of kindness to strangers or reach out to those around you going through a tough time. Take the challenge and see the difference you can make in the lives of those around you!

1. Show a Random Act of Kindness

There are endless ways to spread smiles and happiness with random acts of kindness. Bring doughnuts to work, donate your old clothing, leave a server a generous tip, smile at strangers, sincerely compliment your boss or volunteer once a week at an after school program. These examples are easy ways to spread kindness to those around you.

2. Send Someone Flowers for Their Birthday

As people get older, birthdays are often forgotten. Choose someone in your life that deserves to feel special and loved. Send a gorgeous flower arrangement for their birthday and show how much you care!

3. Show Your Support to Someone in Need

If you have people that love you, a steady job and a place to live, you have much to be thankful for. Think of ways you could show your support to those who are not as fortunate. The homeless, widowed and orphaned are often neglected in our society. Reach out to those around you and see how a small conversation or hug could really impact someone’s life.

Make your new year one to remember by spreading love and kindness!

Remember to visit your local florist for special gifts and items to make people smile!

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  1. Virginia E Brown says:

    Liked the blog a lot. New Year means new beginnings and what a wonderful way to show your love is with flowers. What a great way to show how special someone is to you and nice reminder for support to others.

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