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Flower Spotlight: Poppy

The poppy is one of the flowers with the most history and meaning. They were used by doctors for centuries to treat patients and often served as inspiration to poets. No flower compares to this beauty, not even the rose!


The poppy is believed to have originated in the Mediterranean region but it is now grown in Asia and parts of South Eastern Europe. In ancient times, the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, all tied the flower to sleep because of its sedative effects. The Greeks, however, tied it to sleep because of the God of sleep, Morpheus.

The poppy is often thought of as the flower of consolation for the death of a family member. In the US and Canada, the flower is known as the bloom of remembrance on Memorial Day. In other cultures, the flower symbolizes restful sleep, peace in death, resurrection, beauty, and success.


Opium (Papaver somniferum) is a type of poppy that is grown commercially in places like Hampshire, Dorset, and Wiltshire. They are distributed to manufacture medical opiates such as morphine. These opiates are created from the sap that is “coaxed out of the poppy’s seed pod.”

Papaver is the type of poppy that is mostly grown in gardens. The name derives from the Latin word meaning milk. This is due to the liquid that comes out when the stem is cut.

If ingested by cats and dogs, the flower could cause sedation or can cause the animal to enter a euphoric state.


In the past, farmers believed that growing poppies in cornfields ensured the successful growth of their crop.

It is often said that wearing poppy flowers help people forget about their distress and troubles.


Poppies bloom from mid-June through October. The flower can be found in the colors red, purple, pink, blue and white. Want to get a closer look at this gorgeous bloom? Head to your local florist and buy a beautiful arrangement for you or a special person in your life!


  1. Hey I think this site is cool answers my questions a lot special about my Scheffera plant. Think I need to watch watering and I did bring in for winter.

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