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How Myspace Helps FSN Friends Reach New Heights

Flower Shop Network is continually searching for new and creative ways to further develop a community of florists and flower buyers. Presence on social networking sites such as the Flower Shop Network myspace.com profile, FSN facebook.com page, and others is helping Flower Shop Network and friends build relationships with other fascinating people with a love for beautiful flowers. Many of our Flower Shop Network friends have joined us on the social networking site Myspace.

One of the best things about social networking sites is that these sites enable users to interact with friends, family and acquaintances across the country and even the world. Florists continue to use social networking sites to showcase premium designs, contact other florists, and post contact information for other users. In this way, the florist’s profile becomes a high-tech billboard but with a much greater amount of information. Just look at these Flower Shop Network members that decided to get the word out via Myspace.com.

Apple Blossoms Floral Design Arrangement Live large with flower arrangements from Apple Blossoms Floral Design.

Scott Darhower of Apple Blossoms Floral Design is one of the premier Tampa, Florida florists. Having worked with flowers and floral design for more than 25 years, Scott is ahead of the game with creative flower arrangements, gift baskets, and even interior decorating skills that set apart every customer’s special event. Just as the website boasts, look to Apple Blossoms Floral Design for “designs for a lifetime…one seed at a time.”

PJs Flowers Citrus Arrangement PJs Flowers turns life’s lemons into…flower arrangements!

PJ’s Flowers and Events sets the bar for great flower arrangements and an eco-friendly mindset in Phoenix, Arizona. Florists are easy to find in Phoenix but PJ’s Flowers and Events goes above and beyond to ensure a quality customer experience. The team at PJ’s deliver unique and beautiful flowers to Phoenix and Maricopa County. Don’t believe me? Sneak a peek at the citrus collection, western styled gift baskets and more. Better still, if your conscience has you going green this year, trust the team at PJ’s Flowers and Events to go the extra mile for you and for our planet.

The Plant Bazaar Vase Arrangement Life is beautiful with flowers from The Plant Bazaar!

The Plant Bazaar applies creativity to more than just their name. A full-service florist in Westborough, Massachusetts, you can’t go wrong with the 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Although, with more than 24 years experience in the floral industry it’s unlikely that such a guarantee would ever be tested. The premium quality floral designs offered at The Plant Bazaar have customers walking out of the flower shop grinning. Delivering flowers with a smile, the great people at The Plant Bazaar take customer service to a new high.

Floratique Rose and Lily Bouquet Everyone loves pretty pink and purple flowers from Floratique.

Mountain View, California florists are well aware of the colorful designs and quality fresh flowers delivered from Floratique. Serving a vast local area that spans four counties, Floratique is a well-known fixture in the Mountain View area. Enthusiasm and creativity are written all over the faces of the team at Floratique who works—though this much fun is almost playing—to make each experience as much about their customers as possible.

Piccadilly’s “Vibrant Violets” Arrangement It’s time for Vibrant Violets from Piccadilly’s Flower Shoppe.

When searching for Burnsville, West Virginia florists, look no further than Piccadilly’s Flower Shoppe. One of my personal favorites, it is hard to find a sweeter disposition on any florist in the quaint Southern town. Don’t let the size of the town fool you. This flower shop boasts “small town personal touches with the floral experience of major cities.” For great gifts and masterful flower arrangements, call on Piccadilly’s!


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