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Behind The Scenes At The Illinois State Florist Convention

Illinois State Florist Association Convention 2011

We just got back from the Illinois State Florist Convention in Springfield IL. The theme was “Let it Rock” and a rockin‘ time was had by all! We enjoyed great presentations, delicious food, and wonderful shopping at the trade show. Above all else, this show had the most floral designs I think I’ve ever seen at one show — table after table of jaw-dropping, show-stopping floral ART!

These shows are so important for florists to come out and be apart of the experience. Not only will you learn all of the NEW things happening in our industry, you will be filled to the brim, if not overflowing with creativity and NEW ideas. While at the show, I met up with Rae Griffith, President of the Illinois State Florists Association. She was kind enough to give me and all of our Flower Shop Network followers a walking tour of the whole show! I wanted our florists who had never been to anything like this to see just what they’re missing! Come on out and recharge your creative batteries at your state floral convention! Be sure to check out the video below!

SAVE THE DATE: Next year’s ISFA convention is March 8-11 in Springfield IL. With a March Masquerade theme, who wouldn’t want to attend?!

This post is brought to you by local Illinois florists.


  1. Sorry I wasn’t able to stop by the booth. I was running around competeing like a crazy person! I think I talked with you at the corsaage bar for a few min.

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