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In Bloom: Summer

Flowers are beautiful all year round, but some flowers are more easily found during certain seasons than others. Here are some of our favorite flowers that are in bloom during the summer season!


With their blooming poms and beautiful colors, hydrangeas are a popular choice for gardeners and florists alike. Hydrangeas are a symbol of heartfelt emotion and apology. Gorgeous in both gardens and flower arrangements, these flowers come in a variety of colors, all determined by the acidity of the soil they’re grown in!


Daisies have been around for a long time and are a popular choice among florists, especially the Gerbera daisy! Generally associated with innocence and purity, Gerberas are believed to lessen everyday stress. They come in a wide array of colors, making them beautiful additions to any flower arrangement!


The iris has a rich history, dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt. It is named after the Greek messenger goddess, Iris, whose name roughly translates to “rainbow”—fitting for a flower that comes in almost every color. With a distinct shape, irises are sure to stand out in any bouquet!


Native to countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain, carnations have been cultivated for around 2,000 years and were first mentioned in Greek literature around the same time. Early carnations grew in shades of pale pink and peach. Over time they have become available in red, yellow, and more, making them beautiful additions to any bouquet!


Roses are one of the oldest flowers, dating back to 35 million years ago. With a long history, they have symbolized many things over the years, including love, beauty, passion, and more. With over 150 different species and a variety of colors, roses can make any bouquet a little more elegant!


Orchids have a rich and long history. Researchers have actually dated them back to the Jurassic era, making them one of the oldest families of flowering plants on the planet. They can be found on every continent except Antarctica, leading scientists to believe that they were around before the continents split. Orchids bloom naturally in every color of the rainbow, except for black!


The first freesias were white and yellow, but thanks to cultivation, you can now find freesias in all colors. Freesias have many meanings, including innocence, purity, friendship, and more. With its sweet fragrance and colorful look, this flower is a perfect addition to any bouquet!


Sunflowers are a popular flower all around the world! Originally found in North America, these flowers were used as a food source, commonly grinding their seeds into flour used to make bread. These bright and beautiful blooms bring a ray of sunshine to anyone who receives them!


This flower is actually a little bit of a mystery! No one is really sure when the lily was discovered, and some believe it might have been around for as long as humanity. Mysterious origins aside, lilies have a rich history and are loved by people from all over the world. Add some lilies to your summer bouquets!


Gardenias, also known as Gardenia jasminoides, have over 200 species and belong to the coffee plant family, Rubiaceae. They have a rich history with many meanings, such as honor, feminine beauty, faithful love, shyness, and more. With glossy green leaves and white or pale yellow flowers, Gardenias make a lovely addition to any bouquet!

All of these flowers are sure to make stunning additions to any arrangements you send! A local florist is ready to help you create something spectacular for the summer season.

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