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Mothers Day Flowers For Every Type of Mom

Want a gift that speaks volumes about your mom’s personality? Mothers Day flowers are great gift ideas for this holiday, but take it  a step further with these cool flower arrangements. Each one is a reflection of a different personality type that your mother may have. Is your mom vivicacious and feisty? Is she personal and traditional? How about reflective and into the arts and crafts? No matter what type of personality your mom has, I suggest these beautiful flowers when you’re looking for Mothers Day gift ideas.

"Touch of Class" Mothers Day Flowers

"Touch of Class" Mothers Day Flowers

Mom “The Contemporary”

She’s hip. She’s cool. She’s into modern things with contemporary flair. She probably likes interior design, is well aware of design techniques and tricks, and doesn’t tune the tv dial to retro shows very often.

This is one cool mother and she deserves a cool gift. Try the “Touch of Class” Mothers Day flowers. They’re perfect for a contemporary office space (send flowers to mom at work) or a home decorated in the trendiest style (send flowers to mom at home or present them to her at lunch).

"Remember Mom" Mothers Day Bouquet

"Remember Mom" Mothers Day Bouquet

Mom “The Traditionalist”

She’s perfect in your eyes. She may not have the latest addition of Interior Design Monthly but you can bet that Family Circle is somewhere in the house. She’s settled but not boring. She’s all about her children (even if grown) but makes time to have fun. She loves a good book or a good movie and will not pass up the opportunity for a relaxing Mothers Day brunch with her daughters and granddaughters.

This mom is awesome. She is selfless and deserves a sweet reward for  her exhausting dedication to her family. For this mom, send the “Remember Mom” bouquet.

"Lasting Love" Mothers Day Basket

"Lasting Love" Mothers Day Basket

Mom “The Old School Sweetheart”

This is for the mom that is very likely a grandmother by now. She’s young at heart with an old soul.  She’s seen a lot in her life and has the wisdom and bearing to prove it. She probably spends a lot of time gardening, relaxing with friends in the Red Hat Society (or is a purple hatter), and has been an empty nester just long enough to still not be completely ok with it.

This mom is precious. She is a giver who has watched many incredible things pass. Her most prized moments though? Moments with you. Why not bring along the “Lasting Love” Mothers Day basket to your get-together this year?

"Lavender Love" Mothers Day Bouquet

"Lavender Love" Mothers Day Bouquet

Mom “The Spritely”

This mom is as active as you are. She’s always here or there doing something with someone. She’s up and about and loves living life to the fullest. She’s charming enough to be everyone’s favorite mother. When your friends wanted a sleepover, they wanted it at your mom’s house.

This mom is perky. She needs something as bouncy and happy in her life as her personality reflects. For the mom who is a constant fount of energy and happiness, give the “Lavender Love” bouquet for Mothers Day.

"Mother Nature's Expression Bouquet"

"Mother Nature's Expression Bouquet"

Mom “The Candid”

(This is my mother and grandmother!) She’s a pip to be around because she always has a witty retort or a wise saying in the form of a wisecrack. She knows her stuff and makes sure that you know that about her. You rarely catch her without an expressed opinion but you’ll never hear her admit that it may be wrong. She’s the life of the party because you want to know what she’s going to say next. No one laughs at this tough cookie though. She’s a very respected mother.

This mom is blunt. She doesn’t fool around with nonsense and expects the same from other people. If your mother is like this (and mine is), send flowers like the “Mother Nature’s Expression Bouquet” because it’s hard to dislike. Just like your mom.


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