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Sending Valentines Flower Early – Make Them Feel Special

Valentine’s Day came early to the Adams residence. Last night my husband presented me with a silver vase filled with purple tulips. It was a sweet and loving gesture. After all, tulips are one of my favorite flowers. The truly amazing thing, in this whole early Valentine’s Day gift, is that I realized my husband does listen to me. At lunch yesterday, I told my husband about a couple of wonderful blog posts I read that morning. Oak Hill Florist in Scarborough Me had a post called “Tell them you can’t wait”. In her blog post, Jenny explained that sending Valentine’s flowers before the actual day will make your sweetheart feel extra special. Then in their blog, Everyday Flowers – a florist in Tustin CA had a fantastic idea “…have your order delivered earlier. So that your loved one can enjoy their Valentines Gift all Week long.” It is evident that he was actually listening to me; I usually don’t get flowers before Valentine’s Day.

Putting a unique spin on a Valentine’s gift is sometimes difficult; both of these florists have an innovative, yet simple way to make those Valentine’s Day flowers extra special. One of the guys I work with takes this concept a little further. He is sending his wife flowers everyday this week. I feel a little sorry for the husbands of his wife’s co-workers; they have a lot to live up to. Of course, any Valentine’s gift that comes from the heart is special and unique. Luckily, my gift came not only from his heart but from his ears as well.

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