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5 Reasons To Send Flowers: August ’15

There is always a reason to celebrate. Whether it be a birthday or a silly holiday, here are just some of the reasons to send flowers in August.

1. Happiness Happens Day – August 8th

This holiday was created by the Secret Society of Happy People to encourage its members to think about happiness and incorporate it into their daily lives. Today, send flowers to those involved in your happy memories and remind them how special they are. A dozen roses to your wife, or bonsai or exotic flower to a relative will bring happiness to a simple day!

2. Son and Daughter Day – August 11th

Just like we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we too have Son and Daughter Day! This day is all about the kids! Let them know how much they are loved and if those kids already have their own home, flowers will definitely make that a happier place.

3. Relaxation Day – August 15th

We all have at least one person in our lives that just never stops. They basically live at work and only take time to breathe. Flowers are not only appealing to the eye, but also give a sense of calmness and relaxation. A beautiful bouquet of white blooms with greens is very soothing and great for that hard worker in your life!

4. Be An Angel Day – August 22nd

Jayne Howard Feldman created this day to inspire people to perform acts of kindness. It can be something as simple as complimenting people as they walk down the street or by simply giving a gift. A beautiful mix flower arrangement or a dozen red roses from the local florist is perfect for someone who doesn’t expect it. Put a smile on someone’s face this day!

5. Just Because Day – August 27th

Today is the perfect day to say “Just Because.” Who knew this was actually a holiday! Surprise a loved one with a dozen roses, remind them how no special occasion is needed to receive beautiful blooms and gifts.

This month is all about making people happy! Be it by giving flowers or performing an act of kindness, the purpose always is to make people smile. Head to your local florist because flowers will do the trick!


  1. Cute ideas! I honestly do love getting flowers “just because” – it’s a very surprising treat!

  2. Janice Blackburn says:


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