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Flowers to Send for Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day is a wonderful time to give extra love to the people who gave life to new generations! They deserve love, respect, and gratitude for the good job they did raising our parents, the helpful advice we can always count on, and the never-ending unconditional love. Want to know what flowers to send this holiday? We’ve got a few floral picks for you!


The stunning sunflower starts blooming in summer through a portion of fall. Head to your local florist to have an arrangement made with this bright bloom!

Wild Ivy Floral Arrangement

Sunflowers teach us to stand tall and follow the sunshine. This is much like what our grandparents do. They teach us to be strong and pursue our dreams, which in the end, always brings happiness.


The meaning of carnation is love. This gorgeous, classic bloom is highly versatile and can be found all-year-long, making it easy for florists to incorporate it into arrangments no matter the season.

You Make Life Grand Basket Arrangement

Mix It Up!

Grandma loves flowers but don’t forget to give grandpa some love too! If you don’t feel comfortable sending him an arrangement featuring only flowers, try sending him a plant or a floral piece with greenery that is more on the artistic/creative side.

Whimsical Woods Floral Design

If florals are completely out of the question, send a fruit or gourmet basket. Everyone likes having a little snack throughout the day, especially when it’s given to you by the people you love!

These are just a few ideas of what flowers to send grandparents on their day, but you don’t have to stick to our choices! If you already know what their favorite flowers are, surprise them by sending exactly what they like. There is no better gift than the one given with love. Head to your local florist and have them help you make this day EXTRA special!

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