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Match Making: Matching Prom Corsage To The Dress

Friday night, we visited a local prom to get the scoop on this years hottest 2010 Prom Corsage trends! The result? Matching, matching, matching!

A prom corsage is an accessory just like jewelry, shoes, purses, etc. Why would you want a boring, red-rose-and-babys-breath corsage when you’re prom dress is super-fab psychedelic colors? (Which they were. The biggest trend in prom dresses was bright, bold colors!) Fashion savvy girls have really gotten involved with their own prom corsages by attending corsage bar parties.

Another great way they’ve been using technology to help their prom coordinating, is by using cellphone cameras. They can easily go to their florist and show them a picture of their prom dress on their phones. Many florists even let the girls text them the picture so they will have it when they are ready to build their corsage. (Most people now have free picture texts with their phone plans, make sure you are able to receive multi-media messages at no charge before you try this.)

You can see from the above picture, the florist knew her color theory! Blue’s complement is orange, however with the addition purple, the best choice for this vibrant, bright dress was yellow. Love that orchid corsage!

This florist went ALL out for this wild prom corsage! The girl is wearing a pink with black, sequin, polka-dot dress. Obviously, this girl has a playful side to her! The corsage accentuates not only the dress, but the girl’s fun personality. The large wire spirals mimic the large polka-dots, and the fabrics of the ribbon are just as wild as as the dress.

Another great accessory girls can dress up is… their date! Can you tell this guy belongs to the girl in the photo above? Wire is another BIG trend right now. Almost every girl there had a corsage with these wire twirls.

Flowers to wear are another very trending prom hit! Flowers, feathers, wire, jewels… Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild with prom-goers!

Flowers even on their legs? Sure! Notice the beads on her converse laces? Great prom look for this sporty teen!

So remember: the 2010 prom season is your chance to get CREATIVE! Your prom corsage should be as DAZZLING as you are!

Heather, a local florist, shows us the process of picking out a prom corsage to match your dress!


  1. Kelly Nguyen says:

    Please help me find the perfect corsage!

    Attached Image: prom2000_2139_29923323.jpg

  2. What an amazing dress! For this I’d suggest black and white with maybe a hint of silver. (Especially if you’re accenting with silver jewelry.) Black flowers are hard to come by, your florist can artificially make them black with a special flower paint, but it may be easier to use white flowers. I’d suggest white flowers as your focal point and black mesh or lace as your accents. If you really want some interesting flowers, find white anemones. They have black centers and would look gorgeous with this prom dress!

  3. What is this matchy matchy jive??? Every Floral design wkshp I have attended has said contrast, stend out, accent …. why would you want a wash when you can have a sparkling emphasis?? The vibrant, the electric, the “here I am”. After all, you spend a nice chunk of change on this weekend, so why not have something that stands out, just sparkle where you are. NO! It does not need to match your dress, it should be the perfect accent. Need some help selecting the perfect look?? Use your computers, bookmark your location, and show your florist the perfect look that you saw in the up-to-date on line sources out there. The cutting edge, that is where it is at. Wires, gems, and more. Ask your florist which flowers they will be using that will stand up to the fun of the evening. They can help you make your choices. Floral Jewelry, a major fun item, and remember to put some on you shoes, bags, waist, shoulder, hair, or ankles. Depends on You, Your Style, and Your Florist. This could be Friends Forever ….

  4. Absolutely, the prom corsage should STAND OUT from everything else. With all the funky-frills available for florists these days it’s easy to create something to WOW everyone in attendance!

    What we mean by matching is to match the style of the dress to the corsage. If your dress is fun and playful with polka dots, use that concept in your corsage. If your dress is more of an elegant, classy look, then you will want a style that meets those standards. For colors, you should at least match or accent the colors used in the dress. A beautifully contrasted prom corsage is a great way to make a prom dress POP!! But even contrasting colors ‘match’ the dress in a fashion sense.

    The bottom line is, at LEAST have your prom corsage compliment the dress, don’t just choose one at random.

  5. Arlen Justesen says:

    Now that’s what I call news!
    Thanks for putting this out in the open for us to read.

  6. Ailee Cudmore says:

    What colors do you think I should use if im wearing this dress?! and should I put peacock feathers in it or do you think that would be too much?

    Attached Image: 7208_sh10.jpg

  7. Ailee, I don’t think your attached picture came through. Please try to attatch it again, or email me at mandy@flowershopnetwork.com and I’ll be glad to help.

  8. Fred Homes says:

    Just in time! My little sister is going to start her third year this coming semester, and one of the most important events during junior years is Prom night. I’m glad I read this article or else I would’ve forgotten about corsages. I mean, who would want to go without them? They are like the essentials and a tradition that cannot be broken.

  9. Nicely written and I really love your style and design – did you do it all yourself?

  10. Thanks Dale! These are all taken at different highschool proms, so these are the works of several florists.

  11. Stacey S says:

    I was wonderinh what the name of the florist was for the third picture and if it is in Toronto, Ontario? Also, if i wanted a similar one, how would i describe the feathers to the florist, do all of them carry these?

  12. The florist who did that particular design was Adams Florist in Paragould AR. If you would like a similar one, the best thing to do would be to print this out and take it to your florist, or email her this picture or article. Most florists will have ribbon, beads, wire and gems, you may have to ask around to find a florist who carries Zebra ribbon, although it is fairly common as well. Good luck! We would love to see a picture of your custom corsage!

  13. Gisselle Vazquez says:

    I would love a corsage for my prom and i need a advice please

    Attached Image: imagejpeg_2_4.jpg

  14. Gisselle, what a beautiful prom dress! To me, the red color and the shimmery sequins are what make your dress so unique, so try to add these elements into your corsage. You might use a few small red roses (or your favorite red flowers) accented with bright red feathers and lots of gems and shimmery accessories. I would suggest taking your photo directly to your local florist and have her show you what all is available that would match. You might also check out this post for even more prom corsage inspiration. (There is a red and black, feathery one in that post that might work for you if the colors were all-red with more sequins and shimmer.) Hope it works out well! You’ll have to post a picture of your final decision — I’d love to see it!

  15. Faith Cagle says:

    I would love your advice on a corsage for this dress, please and thank you!

  16. Faith,

    With a strapless dress, I recommend a wrist corsage. If you want to go with a traditional style, ask your florist to create a wrist corsage using a white or pink spray rose with black and teal embellishments. A little added sparkle here and there to reflect the sparkle in the bodice of the dress would be nice as well.

    For a more funky and flirty corsage you could go with something like the one in this picture.


    When you meet with your florist, be sure to take the dress or at least a picture with you. This will help the florist match the corsage with the dress. Good luck. We would love to see a picture of you in your dress wearing a corsage.

  17. Julia Griffith says:

    I would love some advice for a corsage to go with this dress

  18. What a beautifully artistic prom dress. I would suggest using similar colors in your corsage — your main color as magenta, with teal and lime as an accent. I think it would also be pretty to add in a little white, perhaps a tuff of white feathers (the thin ones, like in boas). There seems to be some very thin ‘lines’ of black that you could imitate with black wire twisted through your corsage. I think this would match that dress perfectly! Best of luck and we’d love to see what you come up with!

  19. What color corsage would you get with this dress? Would you stay conservative with white and silver or add a pop of color? If we go with color, what would you suggest?

  20. Noreen,
    I would suggest silver to keep the color scheme. For a pop of color, you could do a bright coral/pink color.

  21. Eduardo ruiz says:

    I don’t have a picture, my date will be wearing a ball gown dress with a maroon-ish color, what color corsage goes good with it?

  22. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Eduardo,
    Depending on the shade of maroon of your date’s dress, there are several colors that can complement it. Also, does it have any kind of accents on it? Like beads, or sequins? These details can be helpful in deciding what type of coursage to get. Cream, silver, plum, and red are all colors that can work well with maroon. The best thing to do is take a picture of her dress with you to your local florist, and they will be able to match the colors of flowers perfectly to her dress!

  23. Kulsoom Jawaid says:

    Hi! This is my dress: (the top is more shimmery than the picture makes it seem)


    What color scheme should I go for? I’m DIYing a corsage with the help of a floral design teacher, and need to purchase the flowers I’ll need beforehand. Thank you in advance for the help!

  24. Jamie Woods says:

    Hi Kulsoom,
    That is a gorgeous dress! For your corsage, I would suggest using flowers in a deep red or even cream if you want a contrast. You can also incorporate silver or black accents to help your corsage stand out. If you are planning to purchase your flowers at your local florist, make sure to take a picture of your dress and they can help you choose!

  25. Kulsoom Jawaid says:

    Thank you for the help!

  26. Tristan Jensen says:

    Could I have a maroon corsage with a green dress
    My Dress: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3yA3imVEClpPqxoJ3

  27. Jamie Woods says:

    I think a maroon corsage would look great! If you’re not sure about maroon, you might go with white.

  28. Urvi S. says:

    Would a dark purple corsage work with this dress? Or maybe a white and purple? Or none of the above?

  29. Jeffrey Balch says:

    What a gorgeous dress! I think purple and white flowers would look beautiful in your corsage, maybe with silver accents. It would definitely be a gorgeous compliment to this dress!


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