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Wedding Day Wishes

What’s the well-dressed bride carrying down the aisle this year?

Wedding trends come and go, but today’s bridal bouquets have definitely become simpler and more relaxed than the styles of just a few years ago. The most popular bouquet designs now tend to be more compact in size, easy to carry, and densely crowded with flowers. They are typically casual in feeling and rounded in form, although linear elements such as ivy, lily grass, or bouncy dendrobium orchids are still freely incorporated in order to provide the bouquet with graceful movement.

Quality & Luxurious Bridal Flowers

Pink Wedding Bouquet

But just because wedding bouquets are smaller doesn’t mean they aren’t still sumptuous and beautiful. They are actually even more special than ever, brimming full of premium blossoms. Quality has become valued over quantity, as brides choose to carry more luxurious flowers such as:

  • Peonies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Double- & triple-petaled lisianthus
  • French tulips
  • Exquisite roses.

Details of Wedding Flowers

Soft and lavish textures have become the dominant theme in wedding designs, and one can readily see that the delicate petals and rounded forms of the above mentioned flowers certainly fill the bill in expressing that feeling. Other selections include:

  • Dainty sweet peas
  • Fluffy lilac
  • Ranunculus
  • Stock

Filler flowers and foliages, such as:

  • Heather
  • Seeded eucalyptus
  • Monté Casino asters
  • Waxflower

These ‘filler flowers’ help to enhance the textural mood, while opulent ribbons complete the picture.

Popular Wedding Flower Colors

Naturally, color is a primary consideration in selecting flowers for the wedding party. Style-conscious brides today are more willing than ever to break from traditional white. In addition to more vivid color combinations, monochromatic (shades of just one hue) and monofloral (just one type of flower) wedding bouquets are among the popular choices. Fashionable colors for bridesmaids dresses this season are favoring the cool end of the spectrum – blues and greens, lavender, plum, and platinum. Coordinating flowers in a related color harmony might include hydrangea, scabiosa, iris, freesia, viburnum, delphinium, statice, or stock. But a bold and lively harmony can be created by choosing blossoms in warm, spicy colors which contrast with the cool tones of the attendants’ gowns.

For example, ‘Leonidas’ or ‘Terra Cotta’ roses, apricot-toned lilies, juicy orange ranunculus, sunset-shaded callas, and rust-colored hypericum berries all look terrific against a periwinkle dress, with orange being the direct complementary color to blue.

Your local florist has the expertise to make wedding dreams come true. If you or someone you love will be hearing wedding bells in the near future, call today and make an appointment for a professional consultation.

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