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Wedding Flower Pictures

It seems that wedding bouquet fashions often change with the seasons. Certainly, fashionable bridal bouquets just a decade ago can seem dated and old-fashioned by today’s standards. It is fun to look at pictures from your parents’ or even your grandparents’ wedding and see the bridal bouquets that were in style then. Some of those bouquets were awfully big!

Wedding Bouquet Picture Inspiration

If you’re planning a wedding, or even just dreaming about planning a wedding someday, we hope that you’ll find these bridal bouquet pictures helpful, and perhaps inspirational.

These beautiful wedding flower pictures are brought to you courtesy of a local florist near you. Planning a dream wedding? Pictures are a great way to see just what lovely flowers are commonly used in weddings. Once a wedding date is finalized, contact a professional florist to schedule a wedding consultation.

Traditional Wedding Bouquet Styles

These styles have been popular for several generations and will continue to be ideal for traditional elegance.

Mixed white rose bouquet

White Rose and Mixed Flower Bouquet
Gathering of creamy-white roses, stock and wax flower hand-tied in a round, colonial bouquet.

White rose bouquet

White All-Rose Bouquet
Lush ivory rose bridal bouquet lightly-sprinkled with seeded eucalyptus for soft, romantic look.

Alstroemeria bouquet with wax flowers

White Alstroemeria Bouquet
White lacy blossoms of alstroemeria and wax flower perfect for bridal, as well as bridesmaid bouquets.

Colorful wedding bouquet

Colorful Wedding Bouquet
Color – a hot trend in bridal bouquets with pink roses, orange-yellow tulips, yellow mini carnations, lavender aster and purple statice.

Cascade style wedding bouquet

Cascading Bouquet
Graceful, white cascade bouquet in roses, dendrobium orchids, gerbera daisies and wax flower.

Calla lily wedding bouquet

Calla Lily Bouquet
A simply elegant favorite, calla lily wedding bouquet, hand-tied in a presentation style.

Modern Wedding Bouquet Styles

Below you will find more modern wedding bouquet styles florists are creating today. We hope this gives you even more inspiration as you plan your wedding day flowers.

Trendy Wedding Bouquet by Petals Plus, Mayerthorpe, AB CA

Trendy Wedding Bouquet
Add style to your bouquet with a little bling bling. This bouquet features hot-pink gerberas with crystals and white roses.
By Petals Plus, Mayerthorpe, AB CA

Purple Chrysanthemum Bouquet

Favorite Colors Wedding Bouquet
Show off your personality by using your favorite colors in your wedding bouquet. From purple to neon-green, it’s all about you!

Fall Colors Wedding Bouquet by A'Bloom LTD, Walkersville MD

Seasonal Wedding Bouquet
Let the season influence your wedding bouquet. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter all have their own unique attributes you can use for your seasonal wedding bouquet.
By A’Bloom LTD, Walkersville MD

Square Wedding Bouquet by Steve Snow, Oklahoma

Square European-Style Bouquet
If you’re looking for something different, this European-style, square bouquet may be for you. Here you see it with yellow roses, but you can also customize it to fit your wedding style.
By Steve Snow, florist in Oklahoma

Composite bouquet by True Colors Artistry, Springfield IL

Composite Bouquet
Can’t get enough of a particular flower? The composite bouquet is for you! A skilled florist will carefully construct a large, singular flower using many of the same flower. Just like the lily bouquet above!
 By True Colors Artistry, Springfield IL

Bling bouquet by La Petite Jaune Fleur

Bling Bouquet
The bling bouquet is a great way to incorporate family heirlooms and memories into your wedding day. Use sparkly broaches and pendants mixed with flowers to create this look!
By La Petite Jaune Fleur, Red Deer, AB

Wedding Bouquet Trends & Accessories

The wedding bouquets in these pictures reflect the current trend toward smaller, more compact bridal bouquets. Bouquets like these showcase exquisite flowers, presented in a tight, circular style, often with a detailed ribbon treatment wrapping the stems. A bridal bouquet like this becomes almost a fashion accessory to the bridal ensemble, and certainly never competes with the wedding gown for attention.

Many wedding bouquets today are accented with faux jewels, pearls, or other decorative ornamentation, making them even more exquisite. When it comes to taking the wedding pictures, these compact bridal bouquets photograph beautifully. For more bridal bouquet ideas, see our newsletter “Trends in Wedding Bouquets.”

Wedding flower decorations bring the day to life and finding the right local florist is the key to making the wedding day a blooming success. This year’s most popular choice in bridal bouquets is a round-shaped nosegay, or colonial bouquet;  however  your  floral  wedding consultant can suggest many other beautiful bouquet design styles as well. A wedding bouquet with a cascading garland of flowers and greenery is another enduring favorite. Many contemporary brides also prefer looser, less formal hand-tied and clutch bouquets that appear to have been picked out of a garden.

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