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October Birth Flower: Marigold

Each month has its own dedicated flower to represent those who were born during that month. For October, the beautifully fall-colored marigold gets its time to shine! Learn more about its history, meaning, and some interesting facts:


Marigolds are native to the Americas, from Argentina to Mexico to New Mexico and Arizona. The earliest records of marigolds are by the Aztec people, who used them as a treatment for hiccups and considered them sacred and magical flowers. They eventually made their way to Spain and France, where they were cultivated into what is now known as the French Marigold.

Flower Meaning

Marigolds stand for optimism and warmth, making them a perfect flower for October babies. Their most popular bright orange color signifies creativity and passion. The meaning of the marigold differs across cultures, however, with meanings ranging from despair and grief, to winning someone over with hard work.

Interesting Facts

  • During Dia de Los Muertos celebrations in Mexico and other Latin American countries, marigolds are used to decorate graves and household altars as families remember their loved ones.
  • Marigolds come in several colors, including bright orange, yellow, white, and maroon.
  • They contain substances with anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties!

Flowers make for the perfect birthday gift! Contact your local florist today to send some to your friends and family born in October!

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