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Riddle Me This: What Piques Your Interest?

Hip Hop Into Easter Because "Somebunny Loves You"

Hip Hop Into Easter Because "Somebunny Loves You"

What gains a second look from me?? To be honest, I prefer edgy versions of an original product. Some prefer subdued versions and others delight in the raucous. Whatever it is, there is something to be said for floral industry creations that pique our interest.

Those of us who work in the floral industry take great pride in the trendy new creations that come out of it. The thing that caught my attention recently is a fabulous new trend. I absolutely love how many florists are forming animal shapes out of flowers and accessories. It’s so cool!!

I’ve noticed this trend a lot lately. The Somebunny Loves You arrangement is a particular favorite of mine for this reason. Every chance I get to splash this Easter flower arrangement up is a chance that I take. However, we’re not the only ones doing this. I was browsing the photos at Wedding and Party Network when I stumbled across a puppy formed of daisies. Props to The Garden Girls Flowers & Gifts for being so creative!

Enjoy Kisses & &quote;Puppy Love&quote;

Enjoy Kisses & "Puppy Love"

For me it’s very much the same as staring at the face of an innocent puppy. They are so cute and charming! How can you resist them? It’s the same feeling when I see flowers arranged to look like a puppy or other cuddly animal. It’s an irresistible appeal.

Animal flower arrangements are awesome gifts for kids. What kid wouldn’t be entertained with a flower animal? Besides, parents love that there’s less clean up! Anyway, check out these types of arrangements. I think you’ll be impressed!

Piques My Interest is a new monthly blog featuring floral industry creations that, well, peak interest. Know of something that grabs your attention? Email me the what-where-why and it may make next month’s feature! bjackson@flowershopnetwork.com

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