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My First Time Receiving Housewarming Flowers

I had plans to move in July. Things started going sour in June but I eventually made it into the new place! A little bit of everything happened during the moving process but it was all made right when I walked in the front door that first night.

My parents helped me move what was left of my stuff at their house. My father and brother did most of the heavy lifting so it seemed only right to take them all out to eat after we finished. Of course, my sweetheart has his own set of keys. He had said that he was going to pick up his daughter and would see me later, preferably after a shower. Yes I know, his humor is something else. I never suspected that what he was really doing was buying me my first housewarming gift!

Now I’ve lived in many different places over my short life. My first apartment was only an hour from my parents and a few miles from my love but apparently “my first apartment” wasn’t significant enough to merit any sort of housewarming gift. Well, mom bought me a load of groceries. Does that count?

But I digress. I put my key in the lock and fiddled with it for a second until it opened. When I finally got it open, I saw a small bouquet of flowers on my makeshift dining room table. There was a card beside it that said “Welcome home.” I could’ve bawled at that point but not being a cryer prevented that embarassment. I decided to call him after my shower so I went to my bedroom to get what I needed. I looked at the bedside table and saw what DID make me tear up. A can of carnation milk and a picture of us together on our first Valentines Day sat beside the framed pictures I have of the three of us.

If you don’t remember, I’ll let you know why this meant so much. On our first Valentine’s Day together, he remembered my favorite flower but couldn’t remember my favorite color of that flower. He wound up picking up a can of carnation milk which has three colors on the front. They happen to be my three favorites (though pink is my true favorite). He didn’t have a picture of us from that day so he had to go through mine to find one of us that day but he did and placed them both where he knew I would see them when I got ready to go to sleep.

In hindsight, that’s probably the reason why I love flowers so much. I know it’s a big part of why I absolutely adore him.

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