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Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Gemini


Do you know an outgoing Gemini? We love their optimistic and charismatic personality, and we have some ideas of the best flowers to gift the Gemini in your life! [Read more…]

What A Treasure, What A Gemini!

Geminis are fun people. Well, at least generally speaking. I have known and loved many a Gemini in my time and continue to fall in love with the unique personality each person has even though many Geminis share the same characteristics.

Born between May 21st and June 20th, Geminis are said to be talkative, energetic and intellectual. Yup, that’s spot on for most of the Geminis that I know. They can also be inconsistent, inquisitive, nervous and tense. Wow…that would be a bad day. I have an idea for curing those woes around their birthday this year. Send flowers! Some examples of Gemini zodiac flowers are:

  • Alstroemeria
  • Solidago
  • Daffodil
  • Cactus
  • Acacia

Truth be told, this idea was given to me last year and I liked it so much that I thought I’d share it again. (You can still view the 2008 zodiac flowers post.) I’m not much on astrology but I do see a lot of fun in sending astrological flowers for a person’s birthday or special day inside the month. It’s always interesting to have something unique to discuss. Bring up the type of zodiac flowers at the birthday party and see if you don’t get a rapid response.

Want to send a unique birthday gift like zodiac flowers but are afraid you’ll offend the recipient. Send birth month flowers instead! All the greatness, none of the guilt!

Honey, You’re A Real Gemini

Gemini birthdays fall between May 21 and June 21. If the love of your life is a Gemini, he or she is probably known for being talkative, intellectual, and energetic. It may be difficult to find a unique gift as fun and fascinating as your Gemini but sending a fresh flower arrangement filled with alstroemeria, solidago, or daffodils is a very easy way to make your Gemini feel special. These beautiful flowers represent the Gemini astrological sign and, when paired with a personalized card, are as unique to your Gemini as her bright blue eyes or his sensual laugh.

Your guy or gal may appreciate a plant rather than an arrangement. Easy! Cactus, nut-bearing fruit trees, and maidenhair ferns all represent the same charismatic traits found in Gemini. Gemini represents very strong individuals who are adaptive and ready for a new adventure making cacti perfect gifts. Nut-bearing fruit trees reveal to the world a fresh start and a new season of growth and exploration. With these and many other gorgeous plants, there is no shortage of options for pleasing your Gemini with a special birthday or anniversary gift!

Alstroemeria Topiary Flower Arrangement

Alstroemeria Topiary makes great Gemini gift.