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Twitter Talk With Savvy Florists

After watching the Best Practices in Social Media discussion from SAF’s Growth Solution’s Conference, I realized how few florists are actually using Twitter, but also how many have complete misconceptions of what Twitter really is. (I would also like to add that, here at FSN, we’re really good at this kinda stuff, so if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Use the comments on our blog, or ask on our Facebook Page)

So, Just What Is Twitter?

A lot of people think Twitter is silly, and only for kids, CNN and people tweeting about going to the bathroom — this couldn’t be more wrong!

Let me walk you through how a person typically uses Twitter.

First of all, most Twitter users don’t even visit the website Twitter.com. Instead, they use some sort of desktop application to get their Twitter updates. That means, while they’re working at their computers, their Twitter feed is popping up on their screen without doing anything.

Before you say, why would anyone want that? Just think of the possibilities.
For example: Follow your local news to get instant weather and news updates. Follow CNN for real-time US and world news. Follow your favorite websites and blogs for recent updates. Follow FSN for updates on our blog and other fun florists happenings.

The key is to Twitter is to follow what you actually want to keep tabs on throughout the day. Instead of going to the news, the news now comes to us and we can pick and choose whether we want to read it. Think of Twitter as a sort of reminder service. Most Tweets are announcements or links to longer articles; throughout the day they will stack up and when you have time you can check to see if any apply to you.

Twitter Search Advantages

Another great use for Twitter is the ability to search real-time results for specific keywords. Here are some of the ways I’ve used Twitter search:

  • During the flooding in Arkansas, I’d search for road names to see if they were closed. Most results came from trusted local news Twitter accounts, so it helped us navigate home.
  • At events and conferences, I can search the name of the conference to see what other people are talking about who are also there at the event.
  • I also keep track of every time someone mentions Flower Shop Network on Twitter. You can do the same thing with your flower shop!

Check out this video to see how florists Georgianne Vinicombe of Monday Morning Flowers, NJ and Rebecca Redman of Windermere Flowers, FL use Twitter for their flower shops.

I know you still may be in the dark about Twitter, so check out our blog Easy Twitter for Busy Florists. In it you will learn how to connect your Facebook account with your Twitter so that if you Facebook, you can Tweet! Remember, if you have ANY questions, feel free to ask in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.

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