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Social Management Tools

In our growing, high-tech world, companies using social media are seeing big benefits. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Businesses are told they need to be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others, with more popping up every day. By using social management tools, you can streamline your social efforts into a routine that works for you.

Built-in Social Management

Facebook allows you to schedule posts, pictures, and more right from your Business Page. The next time you are posting a status or photo to your Page’s wall, click the little clock icon to schedule it to post at a later time. By scheduling a weeks worth of posts, you can take a lot of time out of your social media routine.

Scheduling Facebook Posts

Unfortunately Twitter does not have a way to schedule posts from the website, but there are many social media management tools that will let you do this. (Keep reading for more.)

Email Notifications

Another great way to cut down your time on social media sites is by having all important notifications sent to your email. Instead of needing to check each day for notifications, you can simply check your email and determine if anything requires your attention without having to login to the social networking site.

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What Is Pinterest & How Can It Work For Florists?

Pinterest Explained

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. It lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.

Other reasons people use Pinterest:

  • Express yourself through pictures and images relevant to your life.
  • Remind yourself what you want to do, buy or revisit
  • Share or recommend things you think others should know about
  • Learn and explore specific or random topics.
  • Search and discover new or specific things to do, buy, look at or read.
  • All Pinterest members are active parts of the online word-of-mouth marketing team.

Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

Pinterest Example

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Twitter Talk With Savvy Florists

After watching the Best Practices in Social Media discussion from SAF’s Growth Solution’s Conference, I realized how few florists are actually using Twitter, but also how many have complete misconceptions of what Twitter really is. (I would also like to add that, here at FSN, we’re really good at this kinda stuff, so if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Use the comments on our blog, or ask on our Facebook Page)

So, Just What Is Twitter?

A lot of people think Twitter is silly, and only for kids, CNN and people tweeting about going to the bathroom — this couldn’t be more wrong!

Let me walk you through how a person typically uses Twitter.

First of all, most Twitter users don’t even visit the website Twitter.com. Instead, they use some sort of desktop application to get their Twitter updates. That means, while they’re working at their computers, their Twitter feed is popping up on their screen without doing anything.

Before you say, why would anyone want that? Just think of the possibilities.
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Easy Twitter For Busy Florists

Facebook, Youtube, and TWITTER?! How can we keep up?

It’s true, social media is a big commitment, but the results are remarkable for social florists! Staying in close touch with your customer base is essential in our very visual business. Adding social media to your routine makes it much easier and faster to get things done. A smartphone is a good idea to add to your mix because it allows you to be social anywhere, anytime!

Twitter is a useful tool for your business, and I’m going to show you the easy ways to making it work for you!

Twitter + Facebook = Harmony

Combining Facebook and TwitterFirst DO THIS, make Twitter easy, make it automatic!

You update your Facebook often, why not have those feed into your Twitter? When you update a status, add photos or share a link, it will automatically send these updates to your Twitter followers — it’s that easy! This way, you have a presence on Twitter, but are not spending any more time than normal.
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New Facebook Feature Could Mean Big Help For Florists

I am so excited about the newest feature announced by Facebook yesterday! If you recall our post on Tips For Tagging Pictures For Business Pages, we explained how Facebook did not allow for individuals to tag Pages in their pictures, well…


What does this mean for you?

Facebook Tagging For Business PagesScenario 1: Sally Prom-Goer has just received her first prom corsage; she is so excited she instantly takes a picture with her phone and uploads it to Facebook for all of her friends to see. Included with her corsage was a card saying ‘Tag us on Facebook!’ and a address to your shop’s Facebook Page. She easily finds your Page, tags you in her picture.

So now she will forever have a picture of her corsage on her profile AND a link to your shop’s page. Of course, it’s the best looking corsage -ever- because it came from your shop, so all of her friends know exactly where to go when they need a corsage.

Scenario 2: Jenny Newlywed has just got all of her pictures back on a CD from her wedding photographer. Of course, she uploads them all to Facebook to show her friends and family. There are many beautiful pictures of the bouquets, reception flowers, and more designs from your flower shop. You send Jenny a private message in Facebook asking her to please tag your shop in the pictures of the flowers because they were so beautiful. You and Jenny got along great, and she instantly tags your shop in some 30 pictures.

Scenario 3: Robert Romantic sent his wife, Louis, 24 roses for their 10th wedding anniversary. Robert is at work when the flowers are delivered to their home, so Louis takes a picture of her arrangement with her mobile phone and uploads it to Facebook to show her friends, as well as Robert.

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Facebook Page Update — Explained!

Facebook has updated and upgraded the business Page! I know what you’re thinking, “Why would they do this to us florists right after Valentine’s Day?!” …Yeah I thought the same thing, trust me. That’s okay, Flower Shop Network is here to help you figure it out! There are some pretty significant changes, so we thought we’d bring you some highlights.

UPDATE: Facebook has updated the look of business Pages. Please check this article for information on the Facebook Timeline.

First, you may have seen this at the top of your business Page:

This banner means you can upgrade your business Page(s) before you HAVE to on March 10th. Click on “Take A Tour” to see some of the new features right there on your Page. With the tour, you can still ‘switch back’ to the old Page layout. (At least until March, when all Pages will change.) [Read more…]

Introducing: FSN’s Florist One-Liners

Flower Shop Network is committed to helping real, local florists in every way possible, especially self-promotion. We have already helped hundreds of florists with their efforts on Facebook and other social networking platforms. Now, we are making your jobs even easier with our FSN Florist One-Liners.

New Each Week
Each Monday, we will post 5 new one-liners in a note on our Facebook. Florists can easily use these for their social media updates and statuses. These will include promotional ideas, holiday reminders and slogans, and other status ideas. Feel free to use them as-is or adapt them to fit more to your shop.

Example of an FSN One Liner

How To Use Online
Florists are able to copy and paste these short status’ into their favorite social platform, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or one of the other many services out there.

  1. Simply use your mouse to highlight the one-liner you want to use.
  2. Right click and select the ‘copy’ option.
  3. Next, go to the status update section of your favorite social site.
  4. Right click again and select ‘paste,’ and you’re done!

Flower Shop Network hopes our one-liners will help social networking be more quick and effective for your flower shop.

Use In Your Shop
Use these one-liner slogans in your shop. You can use them for slogans, flashing signs, billboards and anything else you can think of. The limit is only up to your imagination!

Florist one-liners publish every Monday on our Facebook page.

Florist One-liners Nov wk 2
Florist One-liners Nov wk 3
Florist One-Liners Nov wk 4

Florist One-Liners Dec wk 1
Florist One-Liners Dec wk 2
Florist One-Liners Dec wk 3
Florist One-Liners Dec wk 4

Florist One-Liners Jan wk 1

Florist One-Liners Jan wk 2
Florist One-Liners Jan wk 3
Florist One-Liners Jan wk 4
Florist One-Liners Jan wk 5

Florist One-Liners Feb wk 1
Florist One-Liners Feb wk 2
Florist One-Liners Feb wk 3
Florist One-Liners Feb wk 4

Florist One-Liners Mar wk 1
Florist One-Liners Mar wk 2
Florist One-Liners Mar wk 3
Florist One-Liners Mar wk 4

Florist One-Liners Apr wk 1
Florist One-Liners Apr wk 2
Florist One-Liners Apr wk 3
Florist One-Liners Apr wk 4

Florist One-Liners May wk 1
Florist One-Liners May wk 2
Florist One-Liners May wk 3
Florist One-Liners May wk 4

Florist One-Liners Jun wk 1
Florist One-Liners Jun wk 2
Florist One-Liners Jun wk 3
Florist One-Liners Jun wk 4

Florist One-Liners Jul wk 1
Florist One-Liners Jul wk 2
Florist One-Liners Jul wk 3
Florist One-Liners Jul wk 4

Florist One-Liners Aug wk 1
Florist One-Liners Aug wk 2
Florist One-Liners Aug wk 3
Florist One-Liners Aug wk 4

Let us know how you’re using our florist one-liners in the comments below!

Increasing Business & Marketing To Generations X & Y

Traditional marketing might have been fine for attracting baby boomers, but for florists looking to entice a younger crowd, this just isn’t enough! So what is the key to establishing a relationship with Generation X (30-49) and Generation Y(10-29)? The answer is— Networking!

Social Networking –  the obvious place to turn to attract a younger crowd.

  • Facebook – the 35-47 year-old age group is growing in leaps and bounds on Facebook. Simply having a Page on Facebook for your shop will attract loyal customers from your community.
  • City or Community Websites – Many cities offer some sort of community web page. This is a great place for local businesses to list their business, photos, as well as their upcoming events. Many are turning to these to sites to find real local businesses and fun events to support.
  • Wedding And Party NetworkFreshly re-designed, WPN offers TONS of new features for attracting brides.

Hosting Events – Showing Gen X’rs your versatility is a great way to create loyal, lifetime customers.

  • Showers – If you do weddings, you probably already have the materials to throw a great-looking bridal shower! The same goes for baby showers. Offer your shop as a venue to host these types of events for your community.
  • Kids Parties – Host a flower-themed birthday party or a kids’ social club event, like a girl scout workshop, to spark their love of flowers! Adorn your shop in your cutesiest decor, and have the kids create their own small arrangements to take home. You could even have them paint their vase!
  • Community Projects – Networking with other businesses is a great way to create awareness for your shop. Get with the stores on your block or neighborhood and host an event, party, or even something fun, like a scavenger hunt!

Hands-on – Hosting hands-on events, especially kid-friendly ones, are sure to bring out Generation X.

  • DIY Workshops – Hosting Do-It-Yourself workshops will not only get crafty young people into your shop, it will re-establish their love of flowers. Host workshops where your attendants create their own beautiful arrangement for their homes. Wreath building workshops are also a big hit!
  • Flower Club – Generation X is known for being extremely family oriented. Start an after school Flower Club to meet once a month and and get kids (and parents!) interested in flowers!

Easy Ways To Increase SEO For Your Flower Shop’s Website

We’ve all heard about it, SEO this, SEO that.. but what is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, or optimizing your flower shop’s website to best be found in search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo Search. Now, this may seem like a daunting task, but it’s really quite easy to get started and I bet you’ve already done more for SEO than you realize!

First off, I know local florists are not web developers, and most use a hosting service with ecommerce store templates, which is great! Most developers include basic SEO into their sites, especially on the backend and in the code of their templates.

For this post, we are going to look at basic SEO strategies on the front end of your website, which is something any florist can do without having to call up their webmaster every 5 minutes. I want this post to be helpful for all levels of users, so I won’t go into meta tags and code speak this time.

Learn what keywords are and how to use them

What are keywords? Keywords are those words or phrases you type into search boxes to find what you are looking for on the web.

If you want to find pictures of rose arrangements, what would you most likely put into a search box? “pictures of roses, rose pictures, rose photos, rose arrangements” … the list can go on and on. Those words and phrases are all keywords. All of those are going to get you to web pages with pictures of roses.


Will searching for “photos of rose arrangements” get you to that website’s home page? Probably not. Remember this: not everyone who comes to your website lands on the home page.

Think of all of the pages on your website as their own little landing pages. If you were to look at each page individually and ask, “What would I have to type in a search box to get to this page?” Those words are your keywords. Now, before you go adding the keyword “photos of rose arrangements” 200 times on your page, remember this: search engines are very smart and can somehow tell if you do add “fluff” on your pages and will sometimes penalize for it. Just write your page copy naturally and with your customers in mind, they ultimately are your actual readers… not the search engines.

For SEO, your pages should have at least: [Read more…]