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Help! My Palm Tree Has A Hole In It!

Ask The Plant Expert:

I have a 3 trunk Robellini palm.  On one trunk there is a “hole” that seems to be getting bigger.  I have attached a picture.  There is no sign of insects or bugs, but I am concerned as it does seem to be getting bigger.  What do you recommend?   Thank you

Robellini Palm Hole

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Spray with a permethrin or pyrethrin based insecticide, depending on whether its outdoors or indoors, to prevent insects.  If there is sponge-like or slimy tissue, it may need a fungicide, otherwise it should heal over.

Expert Neal Adams is an Arkansas Certified Nurseryman.

What Happen To My Bird Nest Fern?!?!

This is the second bird nest fern that has been purchased and the same with the other two, the leaves yellow and start to die… could this have something to do with that air inside my house and the heating? I sent a picture. What’s wrong? Can you help me, I love these plants but not how to look after.
Thanks -Elisa

Birds Nest Fern Birds Nest Fern

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: After looking at the photos, it appears that 3 things are not suitable for this plant. The soil is a poor quality mix for fern, it is extremely dry, and the pot doesn’t appear to have drainage.

If trying another fern.  Use a good quality potting mix such as Baccto, or Ferti-Lome complete mix, these are peat based soils which are much better suited for ferns.  Use a pot that has drain holes in the bottom with a saucer underneath. Water once to saturate then let dry for 5-7 days, then water again.  The soil shouldn’t get to the point it’s dry to touch on top.

Try to keep the plant out of the direct path of blowing heat. In addition to watering, mist daily if the room is excessively warm and dry (70° or hotter).  Place in a bathroom while showering the steam from the shower will help.

What Is This Full Sun Plant With Fragrance?

Ask the Expert: Could you please help identify plant

I have this plant that seems to do well in my window with full sun, but I am unsure what it is?

The plant is very delicate and has an almost herb like fragrance. Elaine


Flower Shop Network Plant Expert: It is one of the many 1000’s of sedums. If I had to pinpoint which sedum, I would say it looks like sedum spathulifolium ‘Cape Blanco’. This type of sedum has several wonderful characteristics:

  • Adaptable as a Houseplant.
  • Attracts Butterflies.
  • Attracts Hummingbirds.
  • Deadheading Not Necessary.
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Fall Interest
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Landscape Plant
  • Low Maintenance

The gray coloring really makes this an interesting plant for rock gardens.

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What Is This Plant With Unusual Pink Flower And Silver Leaves?

Ask the Expert: Can you tell me what this plant is received this plant as a gift what is it and how do i care for it. J

Flower Shop Network
Plant Expert Reply: Although the plant has a Sansevieria look, it is actually a type of  Bromeliad. This particular plant is a Aechmea fasciata. With a bloom that lasts 10-12 weeks, it grows to an average 24-27”. It thrives in medium to high light.

For more information about Bromeliads, read our blog post Tropical Bromeliad Basic Houseplant Care or check out the specific care information for the Aechmea fasciata.

Bromeliads are members of the Bromeliaceae (bro-meh-lee-AH-say-eye) family. Pineapple is the most well known Bromeliad. This versatile family contains a wide range of plants; some that look like a pineapple and some that look very un-like a pineapple. They do best indoors in cooler climates, but can be used outdoors in warmer climates (where the temperatures never freeze). They are general easy to grown with long lasting blooms.

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Can I Grow A Plant From A Limb of Mature Plant?

Ask The Expert: I’ve got I believe is a dragon tree that has grown a baby from its trunk. I would like to know if I can cut that baby and grow it as a separate tree and how, please, thank you. -Tito

How To Propagate A Large Cutting From Plant How To Propagate A Large Cutting From Plant

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: Yes, this plant should be easily propagated by cutting off the shoot at the trunk. Remove about 6 inches of leaves at the base, and place the cutting in well-drained potting mix, preferably cactus/succulent mix.  It will probably take 4-6 months to start rooting.  Due to the size of the cutting I would recommend an 8″ pot minimum.  It will be a year before the plant can be transplanted.

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When Do You Transplant An Umbrella Plant?

Ask the Expert: best time to transplant an umbrella plant it’s starting to get top heavy? Danielle

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply: You can transplant Umbrella Plants (Schefflera) basically anytime they have outgrown their pots. However, if you can’t re-pot your plant indoors wait until a warmer season to do it. Schefflera don’t like cold temperatures and transplant shock will be much worse if the plant gets cold.

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Is It Possible to Rejuvenate Lucky Bamboo?

Ask the Expert: Lucky Bamboo – Stalk turning yellow
My daughter’s “lucky bamboo” plant (about 2-3 years old) has started yellowing from the base upward. Leaves and upper stalk are stilll firm and green, but lower stalk is yellow and beginning to give under gentle pressure. Is there any way to save the plant? Can the top (apparently healthy) portion be removed and re-rooted; or can the lower portion be rejuvenated in some manner? I’m assuming the problem is our water source (water quality fluctuates and contains both salts and chlorine to varying degrees)–so will be changing the water supply and also increasing the plant’s light source. Joy

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:Yes and No. You will only be able to save the healthy green top – the bottom will need to be discarded.

Please read the article written about how to propagate lucky bamboo. In the article Jamie discusses where to cut your lucky bamboo and how to get it to produce roots thus giving you a new healthy lucky bamboo stalk.

However, don’t put it in too much light. Lucky bamboo prefers a indirect bright light. Too much direct light can also cause the lucky bamboo to yellow. As for water try using distilled water or bottled water. If you must use tap water, place the water in an open container for 24hours before you use it in the lucky bamboo container.

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Please Identify Plant with Yellow Blooms and Stick-like Branches.

Euphorbia tirucalli

Ask the Expert: we are trying to identify this plant
This plant has stick type branches with tiny bottle like ends before the flowers. The first flowers were pink, these are yellow. Have you seen anything like this? Jim

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:
It looks like you have one of the many different culitvars of euphorbia tirucalli.

Euphorbia tiruis commonly referred to as pencil tree, firestick, finger tree, pencil euphorbia. The cultivars of euphorbia tircalli are light loving plants and need all the sun or light that you can give them. They can not tolerate freezing temperatures and therefore are used as houseplants in areas in zone 9 and above. These highly drought tolerant plants should only be watered when dry.

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Black Spot on Pohutukawa

Ask the Expert:our pohutukawa tree
Ours is 3 years old, growing in purpose-built greenhouse (heated as needed). We live in South Hampshire. This past week the leaves are showing black spots. Can I assume it is actually black spot and spray accordingly? I don\’t want to kill it off after all our efforts.
Thanks Janet

Flower Shop Network Plant Expert Reply:

Yes, you most likely have a fungal pathogen. It may not necessarily be “black spot” (Diplocarpon rosae) which is usually associated with roses. These type of fungus can all be treated with a fungicide. Pohutukawa are in the greater myrtle family and most all general purpose fungicides should be safe to use.

However to be on the safe side, examine the leaves closely to make sure no insect such as psyllids or a scale is causing symptoms. If turns out to be an insect problem, use a general purpose insecticide.

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What Are The Gray Spots On My Dieffenbachia?

Ask the Expert: dieffenbachia problems
tiny round silver spots on top of leaves what is causing it???

Flower Shop Network
Plant Expert Reply:

In the first photo, you can see the gray spots that are appearing on several of the dieffenbachia leaves. Exposing dieffenbachia leaves to direct sunlight can cause issues like gray spots. Which is what it looks like to me.

In the second photo, I noticed that the leaf is wilted and may indicate that the plant is under water-stress. Under watering a dieffenbachia can cause wilting and make the plant more susceptible to light stress issues. It appear that the dieffenbachia is in a dish garden with other plants which may not be compatible in regards to light and water. I recommend removing the dumb cane (dieffenbachia) from the dish garden in to its own pot.

Place the newly potted dumb cane in a partial light or filter light and create a humid environment for the plant. Mist the plant every couple of days with lukewarm water. Once a week check the soil and water as need. Soil should be moist to the touch but the plant should not be soggy.

Keep an eye on the spots. They will not go away. Watch for any spreading of the spots. Although the spots seem to be caused by over-exposure to direct light, one of the fungal or bacterial diseases that effect Dieffenbachia could be an underlying cause. Although must fungal or bacterial issue have a reddish/brown center with a yellow halo or a different type of lesion.

Read the Caring For Dieffenbachia for more information about light, water and the pests and disease that effect dumb cane.

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