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Florist Stories: First Day, 100 Roses & The Rolling Stones

This Florist Story was shared with us by Angelique, The FlowerGurl of Cottage Flowers & Gifts in Pasadena TX.

Red Roses

“It all started when I was a sophomore in high school. My Aunt used to run a floral shop in town. Back in the day, the shops use to close at 10:00 pm. My Parents use to make me go after school to the floral shop to keep my Aunt company so that she would not be there by herself. I would walk to the floral shop after school and listen to the radio and or TV, while at the same time doing my homework, and spending time with my Aunt. I would finish my homework and sit there just watching my Aunt do these amazing things with flowers. I would ask her, how in the heck can you come out with something like that from all that? I was intrigued by it all.

Puttin’ On The Ritz

I knew nothing about flowers. I liked them, I loved receiving them, but what she could do out of nothing at all was beyond me. So needless to say I spent a lot of time with my Aunt and watched her do all these beautiful designs that I just had to try it one day. Well from just watching and observing all that time, I surprised myself. I could not believe, nor did my Aunt, I could actually wrap some flowers in pretty paper and make them look so pretty. Well from there I moved on to bigger things like dressing plants and greening her vases. I figured if having the concept of greening a vase was so easy, then I can take the next step of puttin on the ritz.

Well she walked me through it, and to my amazement, I did it again. I could actually design flowers in a manner that it sold within an hour. I was so pleased that it just made me want to try harder. My Aunt said that I had it in me all the time. Who knows, maybe I did? Her Boss liked what I did and hired me to start work the next day.

The First Day & All of It’s Surprises

I was so excited cause I got to run the shop all by myself. I had an interesting visitor that night. This hippie-looking guy walks in and wants to buy all the red roses we had on-hand. I called my Aunt right away and told her what the guy wanted. She told me to go ahead and give him a good price and let him buy what he wanted. He bought all 4 bunches (100) we had on hand. Before he left he handed me two tickets to the Rolling Stones concert that was taking place that same night. Oh to my surprise, he was one of the members of the band!

Memories I’ll Never Forget

So sad I was unable to attend the concert, but I still have the tickets as a souvenir. My Aunt has moved on, and so have I. She is and will always be my mentor. I am the owner/designer of my own Floral Shop and I have my Aunt to thank for showing me the knowledge. She is now retired and we call her the Retired Floral Critic. That she is, because every time I send her flowers through a wire service (she lives out of town) yep, she sure does call me, to let me know, yea or nea.

I have been in business for over 15 years, and still love it like I did the first time I laid my eyes on those beautiful blooms.”

– Angelique The FlowerGurl

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