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FSN November Newsletter: Many Thanks!

Many Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

November brings beautiful fall colors, a return to cooler temperatures and the one holiday set aside solely for giving thanks and expressing gratitude. And is there a better way to offer a heartfelt ‘thank you’ than with an elegant floral arrangement? We certainly don’t think so.

So get on the phone, hop on over to our website or just walk down to the shop on the corner, but however you do it, make sure you contact your local florist for amazing Thanksgiving florals!

Best Reasons to Send Flowers in November

November is a great month for flowers, (so is every other month, but I digress) and we’ve got some great reasons to visit your local flower shop!

Cascading SplendorEarth's AbundanceAll Hail to Fall

#1 Thanksgiving Day – November 27th – There are so many reasons to buy flowers on this day of thanks. Need a magnificent centerpiece for your Thanksgiving feast? Looking for the perfect gift for your host/hostess? Maybe you just want to decorate your home in the spirit of the holiday. Whatever the reason, flowers are a must.

#2. November Birthdays – Flowers make a perfect birthday gift. Who doesn’t love natural beauty? And don’t forget the wonder of a living plant. Your local florist has everything you need to make any November birthday a great one!

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Light Pink Alstroemeria

October Flower Spotlight: Alstroemeria

These gorgeous flowers are native to South America though some varieties have now been naturalized to the US. There are two species of Alstroemeria, one native to Chile and one to Brazil. The Chile species grows in winter while the Brazil species grows in summer. That makes it the perfect flower for our October spotlight as this month falls squarely between the two!

Flower Meaning

The Alstroemeria is often associated with friendship because of the way its leaves grow. They grow upside down, twisting and turning evoking the twists, turns and growth that friends experience over time. It can also mean prosperity and fortune. This flower is often found in everything from bridal bouquets to corsages and boutonnieres. It is also the perfect gift for a friend or someone going to a job interview or embarking on a new venture.

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Facebook Friday: October Favorites

We provide a Friday recap of all the wonderful posts and pictures from active florists on our Facebook Page. It’s been so much fun seeing all the completely different designs every day. We hope you enjoy these favorites and continue through to see more from each Friday this month:

Birds of paradise, roses and orchids from Fancy Flowers & Gift Shop in Hialeah, FL

Fancy Flowers, Hialeah, FL

Exquisite bridal bouquet from Wilma's Flowers in Jasper, AL

Wilma’s Flowers, Jasper, AL

Stunning bridal bouquet from Monday Morning Flower and Balloon Co. in Princeton, NJ

Monday Morning, Princeton, NJ

Magnificent Thanksgiving table design from Petals in Thyme of Wasaga Beach, ON

Petals in Thyme, Wasaga Beach, ON

A taste of something tropical from Klamath Flower Shop in Klamath Falls, OR

Klamath Flowers, Klamath Falls, OR

Exquisite bouquet from Robyn at Flowers and More in Fresno, CA

Flowers and More, Fresno, CA

See all Facebook Recap pictures in these posts:


The Key To A Floral Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, it’s time to think about how you want your home to look as your family sits down for the Thanksgiving feast. Do you want them to be surrounded by gorgeous fall colors and decorative foliage? Do you want an impressive centerpiece for your table? How about a fall-themed wreath for the door?

All of this and so much more is available when you shop at your local florist!

Surround Yourself with Floral Beauty

Florists offer everything you need to make your home a decorative testament to fall. They have flowers and foliage in reds, oranges, yellows and browns that will help your home reflect the theme of the season and the holiday. From beautiful centerpieces worthy of any spread to amazing accent pieces, you can get any or all of it exactly when you need it.

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Tips For Training – Winners!

The voting has finally come to an end, and we have our winners!

These three shops fought through a flood of entries just to be included in the list of finalists. To then be chosen from all the other amazing finalist submissions to earn their spot? What an accomplishment! The voting was extremely close with only a handful of votes separating each, but here they are: the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners!

Read more about Tips For Training – Winners!

Watch your water. When it gets cloudy it’s time to change it out.
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