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November Card Messages

There are lots of great reasons to send flowers this month, and we know just the thing to say for whichever day you choose! [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Send in November

Thanksgiving isn’t the only holiday this month that offers a perfect opportunity to send flowers! Check out our five reasons to send in November. [Read more…]

Veterans Day

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is one of the most important holidays we celebrate in the United States. On this day we honor all veterans currently serving our military and those who have served in the past. Their love for this country, courage, and faith in the future of this nation must be recognized not just on this holiday but each and every day.

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5 Reasons to Send Flowers November 2016

November is about spending time with family and expressing our gratitude. From Veterans Day to Thanksgiving, this month is packed with reasons to spread love and kindness.

1) Forget-Me-Not Day – November 10th

Do you have friends or family members in your life that you haven’t kept in close touch with? Remember the important people in your life and remind them that you care. A trip across the country isn’t always possible, but sending your love always is! A surprise flower arrangement will warm their heart and make them feel special.

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FSN November Newsletter: Many Thanks!

Many Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

November brings beautiful fall colors, a return to cooler temperatures and the one holiday set aside solely for giving thanks and expressing gratitude. And is there a better way to offer a heartfelt ‘thank you’ than with an elegant floral arrangement? We certainly don’t think so.

So get on the phone, hop on over to our website or just walk down to the shop on the corner, but however you do it, make sure you contact your local florist for amazing Thanksgiving florals!

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5 Heartfelt Veterans Day Card Messages

Now that you’ve decided to buy flowers as a Veteran’s Day gift, you still need to figure out what to put on the card. Read on for five suggestions designed to make your card messaging a breeze!

Red White & BeautifulMade in the USARed White & True Blue

Card Messages

  1. Thank you for ensuring the freedoms I enjoy every day. Happy Veterans Day!
  2. Your service will never be forgotten. Happy Veterans Day!
  3. I am forever grateful for the service you give. Happy Veterans Day!
  4. I will always appreciate you. Happy Veterans Day!
  5. Your sacrifice can never be repaid. Happy Veterans Day!

Feel free to use any of the above or let them inspire you to create your own card messages!

Celebrate This Veterans Day with Flowers

Veterans Day is Tuesday November 11th, 2014!

This holiday is all about honoring each and every one of the men and women who serve or have served in any branch of the armed forces. Can there be any better reason to give the gift of flowers?

All the RageMade in the USAPatriotic Memorial

Honor Them With Flowers

Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion, and they have a language all their own. Couple that with the talent and skill offered by your local florist and you have something personalized and beautiful that says exactly what you want to say exactly how you want to say it. Your local florist can create a themed arrangement, one featuring the veteran’s favorite flower or even one as a memorial to a fallen loved one.

Red White & BeautifulRainbow of BloomsRed White & True Blue

Personalize with Local

When you buy local, you have the option of being as detailed in the process as you like. You can outline what you want down to the smallest detail or just tell them to make it beautiful. You can choose from what’s available or have a custom piece made just for you. When you shop local, you know you’ll get what you paid for and more!

We use Veterans Day to say ‘Thank You’ to those who fought and still fight for our daily freedoms. Shouldn’t you say it with flowers?

5 Best Reasons to Send Flowers in November ’14

November is a great month for flowers, (so is every other month, but I digress) and we’ve got some great reasons to visit your local flower shop!

Made in the USA#1 Veteran’s Day – November 11 

It’s time to honor the men and women who have served in any branch of the armed forces to keep this country safe. And what better way to show them the love and appreciation they deserve than a gorgeous arrangement? When you visit your local florist you’ll find patriotic arrangements, patriotic colors and the freedom to ask for any combination you might desire. Those who served deserve appreciation and appreciation means flowers.

Charismatic Crimson#2 Remembrance Day (Canada) – November 11

For our friends to the north, this is the day you remember all those who have fallen in the country’s armed conflict. And it’s not just for those who served in the armed forces. Remembrance Day is for civilian casualties as well. Come by and pick up a poppy to wear on your clothes, find a wreath to lay on your local memorial or get some poppies to lay on the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Contemporary Autumn#3 Forget-Me-Not Day – November 10th

A day to reach out to friends and family that you may not have seen in some time. Have an aunt that lives across the country or a good friend across the state? Use the FSN florist finder to locate a local florist in their town. And remember, nothing says “I miss you,” like a beautiful and creatively designed arrangement from that flower shop on the corner.

Cornucopia Centerpiece#4 Thanksgiving Day – November 27th

There are so many reasons to buy flowers on this day of thanks. Need a magnificent centerpiece for your Thanksgiving feast? Looking for the perfect gift for your host/hostess? Maybe you just want to decorate your home in the spirit of the holiday. Whatever the reason, flowers are a must.

Bloomin Dish Garden#5 November Birthdays

Flowers make a perfect birthday gift. Who doesn’t love natural beauty? And don’t forget the wonder of a living plant. Your local florist has everything you need to make any November birthday a great one!

Don’t Forget Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2011

Any opportunity to honor the men and women who serve, or have served, in our armed forces is one that should be fervently and enthusiastically taken. But November 11th, Veteran’s Day, is more than just one of those random opportunities, it’s a national holiday that has been set aside for the purpose of recognizing and giving thanks to everyone who has served.

How much more, then, should we celebrate them and their accomplishments on this day? What are you doing to honor the veterans in your life?

Honoring the Veterans

There are a myriad of ways to honor those who have served in the armed forces, from attending a local parade to visiting the VA hospital or volunteering your services at a retirement home. But for those veterans who populate your life, those in your family or group of friends, a more personal touch is required. For them, what better way to say thank you than a gorgeous bouquet or floral arrangement?

Red White and True BlueRed White and BeautifulMade in the USA

A patriotic selection, featuring the colors red, white and blue, instills the proper tone of national pride while also offering your veteran the beauty, peace and enjoyment guaranteed with any gift of flowers.

Don’t neglect your veteran on this Veterans Day, show them how much you appreciate their service. Offer an elegant gift of flowers.

Celebrating Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2011

When we think November, giving thanks usually comes to mind. Sure, there’s Thanksgiving… but there is a holiday before then that deserves more ‘thanks’ than we can ever give — Veterans Day. (November 11, 2011)

Veterans Day is the official day set aside to thank and remember all of our selfless, heroic veterans for the sacrifices they made in their lives to protect our freedom. Unlike Memorial Day, where we remember our lost heros, Veteran’s Day is for us to thank and celebrate ALL veterans, living or dead, wartime and peacetime.

How To Celebrate Veterans Day

  • Attend a Veteran’s Day program, concert or parade.
  • Wear a red, white and blue corsage or boutonniere.
  • Take a moment of silence at noon, on November 11, to honorably remember those who served and died.
  • Place red flowers, such as roses or carnations, or a red, white and blue bouquet at your local military memorials and monuments.
  • Contribute to a Veteran’s Day ceremony in your community.
  • Place a Veteran’s Day ‘thank you’ ad in your local newspapers, community newsletters or church flyers. [Read more…]