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Buy Yourself Flowers – You Deserve It!

Flowers are not reserved for holidays and special occasions, but are used to celebrate life! Give yourself a pat on the back by buying yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Before you brush off the idea, skim through this list of reasons why you deserve flowers and try to think of the last time you did something special for yourself to lift your spirits.

1) You work hard
It took hard work and dedication to get where you are today. Whether it was long nights at the office, staying up with a newborn child, or saving money to buy a new house, be proud of your current situation how you got there.

2) You have conquered challenges
Life always comes with twists, turns and trials that are usually unexpected. You have not only survived but have conquered every challenge that has come your way. This type of perseverance deserves special recognition.

3) You need to celebrate yourself
In the busyness of life we often forget to stop and think about all of the wonderful things we have accomplished. You deserve to celebrate yourself for the many things you have achieved in your family, career, and life.

4) Give yourself motivation for the days to come
Prepare for the difficult weeks in life by giving yourself some inspiration. Every time you look at your beautiful bouquet of flowers your motivation to tackle the day will increase.

5) You deserve to be happy
You don’t need someone else to raise your self-esteem or lift your spirits. You just need to realize that you are special and deserve to feel happy. Buying yourself flowers is the perfect way to practice self-love.

Don’t wait until your birthday or a holiday to splurge on yourself, there are so many reasons why you deserve to send yourself flowers today! Find a florist near you to order your beautiful bouquet.

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Don’t Forget Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2011

Any opportunity to honor the men and women who serve, or have served, in our armed forces is one that should be fervently and enthusiastically taken. But November 11th, Veteran’s Day, is more than just one of those random opportunities, it’s a national holiday that has been set aside for the purpose of recognizing and giving thanks to everyone who has served.

How much more, then, should we celebrate them and their accomplishments on this day? What are you doing to honor the veterans in your life?

Honoring the Veterans

There are a myriad of ways to honor those who have served in the armed forces, from attending a local parade to visiting the VA hospital or volunteering your services at a retirement home. But for those veterans who populate your life, those in your family or group of friends, a more personal touch is required. For them, what better way to say thank you than a gorgeous bouquet or floral arrangement?

Red White and True BlueRed White and BeautifulMade in the USA

A patriotic selection, featuring the colors red, white and blue, instills the proper tone of national pride while also offering your veteran the beauty, peace and enjoyment guaranteed with any gift of flowers.

Don’t neglect your veteran on this Veterans Day, show them how much you appreciate their service. Offer an elegant gift of flowers.

What Makes Someone Buy Flowers?

According to a recent survey, there are three basic choices that drive consumers to buy flowers. Good news for those of us who are always looking for new ways to reinvent the wheel, this survey gives us reason to go back to the basics for a bit.

To summarize the survey, 677 participants were surveyed. They were classified as either “users” or “nonusers” of flowers and then further classified into “heavy users” or “light users.”

What the survey found was that the overall priorities of the entire group of flower buyers ranked in this order from most to least:

  • Showing care to others
  • To evoke an emotional response
  • Curiosity fulfillment

Unique Flower ArrangementHowever, “heavy users” of flowers ranked their priorities slightly different than the average. They ranked “curiosity fulfillment” and “emotional response” high on their reasons for purchasing flowers. This implies that “heavy users” are more apt to buying more novelty and variety when purchasing flowers.

People who buy flowers and use flowers all of the time are in-tune with flowers. They see them all of the time. Therefore, they are more likely to buy unique flower arrangements that pique their interest or incite a particular emotional response. Conversely, people who aren’t often surrounded by flowers buy flowers as a unique way to show caring and affection for others. Light users also want the flowers to invoke a certain emotional response, particularly in the recipient. These are also the people who adjust their conception of the value of flowers based on sight, touch, and smell.

So what can local florists learn from this news? Take this to the bank:  you have two distinct groups to target. With many generations passing through the flower shop, you are likely to encounter both groups several times per day. Target BOTH. Based in part on this distinction of consumers, here are marketing tips for florists.

How To Woo The World Of Flower Buyers

Heavy Users: These are the consumers that are more likely to be intrigued by advertising. Special deals and unique features will attract the attention of heavy flower buyers because their desire is to be surrounded by beautiful flowers. Making that easy for them will take a florist far.

For heavy flower buyers — Offer varying price points and unique flower arrangements. Specifically target this group in advertising. Creativity and availability are of particular importance as well.

Classic Dozen RosesLight or Nonusers: Since the need for curiosity fulfillment is decreased in this segment, these users are not as likely to be influenced by advertising. These consumers tend to value need/emotional fulfillment. They are more likely to send flowers based on the desire to show affection for someone or as a “traditional” gift rather than for corporate accounts, dinner parties, et al.

For light users — Do not reinvent the wheel. Creativity will woo many of these consumers to your door, but addressing them in the same manner as heavy flower buyers could scare them away. Instead, offer a variety of price points. Flower arrangements that invoke a particular emotional response, such as love and sentimental happiness, are what these consumers desire.

Regarding the 80/20 rule, this group constitutes the 20% of consumers that need you less frequently but do need you. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel and drive these consumers into becoming heavy users. These are also very loyal buyers because they do not buy the product frequently. Therefore, they find a source that they like and stick with it. Be consistent with your offerings to this group and their loyalty will not waiver.

What Makes Someone Buy Flowers is brought to you by Local Pennsylvania Florists.

Etiquette Matters: Who Pays For The Wedding Flowers?

Someone asked a really good question on Wedding And Party Network about wedding flower etiquette. I knew when I read it that many of the Bloomin’ Blog readers could benefit from this info so here goes! Here’s some wedding etiquette to break things up. (Read the question and more on Wedding And Party Network’s wedding flower etiquette–who pays? blog.)

The Question: My parents want to help pay for the wedding so that my fiancee and I can have a nicer ceremony. We really appreciate the help but aren’t sure what to ask them to pay. We don’t want to step on toes or ask too much to we thought about asking them to buy the wedding flowers. Is that appropriate? ~ Jesse J. from Fountain, Colorado.

Brynn’s Answer: Great question! The short answer is that it is traditionally the responsibility of the bride or bride’s family to pay for the wedding flowers. –BUT– Today’s society sees so many weddings being paid for by people other than the bride’s family. For instance, it is often the role of the bride to pay for the wedding while the groom pays for the honeymoon. Some couples go in together. Many times the groom’s parents take on part of the payments while the bride’s family picks up the other. The simplest answer is that yes, it is acceptable to ask your parents to pay for the wedding flowers.

A Reminder To Florists: If you are a florist, here is a small tidbit to keep in mind when working with the bride. If her mother or mother-in-law is paying for the wedding flowers there could be potential conflict. She may passively opt for something smaller or of less value so as to appease her mother. Her mother may passively encourage this. Then again, both could be rather blunt women. Either way, keep in mind that some mediation may be required to make sure that the bride gets exactly what she wants for her wedding.