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How to WOW With Flowers

If you are about to order flowers for a special occasion coming up, we have some advice for you! Your gift can truly leave a lasting impression with a little extra effort. Keep reading to see how you can really wow someone with flowers.

1. Make it a Surprise

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Have the arrangement delivered to their workplace or home when they would least expect it. Some people even send the flowers a day early to really catch them off guard! Also remember that flowers can be admired all day so have them arrive in the morning.

2. Pick their favorite color

One way to make your gift special is by picking out flowers in their favorite color. If their favorite color is pink then you might want to order an arrangement with pink gerberas, or if their favorite color is yellow you could order an arrangement with yellow tulips. Many flowers come in a variety of colors. Talk to your florist about your options to find the perfect blooms.

3. Write a thoughtful card message

Many people forget that they have the option of including a card message with their flower arrangement. This is your opportunity to really make the gift thoughtful and sincere! Talk about past experiences you have shared and fond memories. Whatever you write make sure it is from the heart. Click here for other blog posts that have card message examples to get you inspired.

4. Follow-Up

Make sure to call the recipient a few hours after the flowers have been delivered. This simple gesture shows that you really care about the gift and want to make sure it is perfect. You could even use the phone call to invite a special someone to dinner or a movie. After receiving a bouquet of beautiful blooms it will be hard to say no!

These four simple steps are easy ways to make your special gift one to remember. Your local florist would love to help you plan the perfect present. They might even have some ideas of their own! Find a florist near you and start planning today!

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