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Break Away From Red Flowers For Mother’s Day–Show Lavender Love Instead!

"Lavender Love" Mother's Day Bouquet

"Lavender Love" Mother's Day Bouquet

Ever tried to express lavender love? I would guess not. Red is the color usually associated with passionate love, but that’s not what I want to show my mom for Mother’s Day. My mom deserves something else. Something better. Something more representative of the sweet and nurturing nature of a mother and her child. That’s why I chose the “Lavender Love” bouquet as this month’s featured flower arrangement.

Since we don’t live in caves we all know that Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to start looking for the best gift for mom this year. The “Lavender Love” Mother’s Day bouquet jumped out at me when I was peering through the fresh flower photo gallery. It’s gorgeous! It has height, style, depth, color, softness, personality–it’s everything I would say about my mother. Well, I’m taller than my mom and I only stand 5’4″ but the rest is true.

Chances are that your mother is totally different than mine. That’s fine! That’s great, in fact, because it provides a dozen new reasons why someone else will like the “Lavender Love” bouquet for Mother’s Day. It’s unique in that it appeals to so many different types of people.

  • Does your mom love Spring? Pastel spring colors and a few vibrant, bold ones pop up in this arrangement.
  • Is your mom the leader of the household? Soften her up a bit with a sweet flower bouquet like this one.
  • Does your mom a real social butterfly who loves hosting parties and get-togethers for the ladies? Give them something to look at during their Mothers Day teas by sending flowers like this gift to your mom’s home. Impressing her friends is a happy side effect of this.

No matter what your mom is like, she’s a great woman who deserves a gift. Right? If you’re in the mood for some Mother’s Day gift ideas, stop here. Take a peek at the “Lavender Love” fresh flowers bouquet and see what you think. Even better, think about what your mom will say when it is handed to her by a local florist with a sweet Mother’s Day card message attached.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Did you send this bouquet for another holiday? Getting ready to send it for Mother’s Day? Let us hear your stories! We want to know what your mother or friend thought of the “Lavender Love” bouquet!

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