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Flower Shop Network Celebrates National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Flower Shop Network would like to join the nation in recognizing October as the official Breast Cancer Awareness month. Many here at Flower Shop Network have been affected very deeply by breast cancer. Having known both the pain of loss and the joy of survival, we are very aware of the sympathies that mean the most during the troubled times of dealing with the disease.

Often it is the simplest expressions of support that mean the most to those battling cancer. Sending flowers is just one way to let your special lady know that you are thinking of her, want to support her, are praying for her, appreciate and love her. The same is true for all women that during our down times nothing can be closer to our hearts than the warm sentiments and kind words of those that mean the most to us. When you cannot join her to hold her hand, send flowers as the pretty package that holds your sweetest sentiments.

Many florists honor Breast Cancer Awareness month by creating special arrangements. While pink ribbons are typically associated with breast cancer awareness, pink flowers also send the same message of support. Schaefer Greenhouses Inc. is one of the talented florists in Montgomery, Illinois aware of the affects of breast cancer. Schaefer Greenhouses Inc. honors Breast Cancer Awareness month each October with a selection of flower arrangements that honor the memory of those lost to breast cancer and show support to those still battling the illness.

Many florists also allot a percentage of the proceeds from Breast Cancer Awareness arrangements to a foundation dedicated to breast cancer research. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a well-known foundation dedicated to the research, cure, early detection, and prevention of breast cancer. The Race For The Cure campaign is a vital effort in breast cancer research. Visit the Susan G. Komen Foundation website for more information about breast cancer and how you can help support victims of the disease.

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