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Decorating Ideas For A Wedding Reception

What is true of nearly every wedding is the fact that the guests spend far more time at the reception than they do at the ceremony. So when it comes to flowers, the astute bride will focus more of her attention, and her budget, on decorating the wedding reception. The ideas are as varied and unique as each individual bride, but the primary goal is always the same: to provide a happy and memorable experience for the guests and the bridal party alike. And flowers are, of course, the obvious choice for creating a festive and celebratory mood.

Find Your Reception Theme & Stick With It

Among the most important ideas in decorating for a wedding reception is to establish a specific theme and stick with it throughout the venue. This may be based on a particular color or color harmony, or a certain motif, such as a heart or a fleur-de-lis, which is repeated in all the decorations. Very often, the color scheme is related to the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses; when the attendants enter the room, they complement the environment with their colorful presence. Tablecloths, napkins, and flowers are then selected to coordinate with the gowns. It is important to consider the existing colors in the room as well, even when it comes to selecting the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Reception Entryway Flowers

Decorating Ideas For A Wedding ReceptionThe wedding guests’ entry experience will greatly influence their mood at the reception. This is an area which should be emphasized for maximum impact. Decorating ideas include hanging garlands of fragrant blossoms over the doorway, flanking the entrance with grand floral arrangements or masses of foliage plants, hanging heart-shaped wreaths of flowers on the doors, swagging fabric overhead, or strewing the floor with rose petals. Miniature twinkle lights can certainly add to the festive atmosphere, and may be incorporated into trees or garlands.

Free-standing Flower Arrangements

Free-standing floral arrangements, strategically positioned around the room, can contribute greatly to the wedding reception decorating plan. One idea is to stuff the canopy of a rented ficus tree with flowers, creating a large-scale floral topiary. Or place extravagant, cascading flower arrangements atop tall columns, which may be situated among the tables or around the dance floor. These large scale designs can do a lot to dramatize the room, and create a sense of intimacy among the guests.

Decorating The Wedding Cake Area

The wedding cake is a primary focal point at every reception, and should be decorated accordingly. Stage the cake in a prominent position in the room, on a special table of its own. Consider creating a backdrop of foliage, flowers, screens, or fabric, since this will be a setting where many photographs will be taken. Drape the table in layered linens to emphasize the importance of the scene, and elevate the cake on a large platter or silver plateau to make it more prominent. Of course, fresh flowers will always enhance the wedding cake itself as well as the table. One lovely decorating idea is to position the cake on top of a clear glass disk, perhaps 24″ or 30″ in diameter, which is supported by glass bricks. Fresh flowers can then be arranged beneath the cake, gracefully spilling out onto the table from under the glass as the cake seems to float.

Reception Finishing Touches

To add a charming and sentimental personal touch to the wedding reception decor, place framed photographs of the bride’s and groom’s parents from their own wedding days on the cake table or the guest book podium. It’s a loving expression of heritage and gratitude.

The individual guest tables provide unlimited opportunities to personalize the reception decorations. Consider clustering several small vases of fresh flowers into a larger composite centerpiece. Guests can then take the individual bouquets home as a memento of the happy event. Placing the vases atop mirrors, and interspersing votive candles and glass gems, adds a dimension of sparkling light to the completed tablescape.

Your local florist has lots of other creative decorating ideas for a wedding reception. Call or visit today, and begin planning an unforgettably special event.


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