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Statement Flowers for Bold Brides

Statement Flowers for Bold Brides

Wedding season is right around the corner and that means it’s time to think about bouquets! From roses to tulips and more, there’s plenty of flowers to choose from. Check out a few of our favorite bridal bouquet flowers:


A classic wedding flower, roses have been known as symbols of love throughout history, making them the perfect bouquet addition! With all the different color options, you can find the perfect rose to suit your unique style.



The bright edges and dark center of anemones make a stunning contrast, ensuring that they’ll stand out! They’ve recently become very popular in weddings, generally used as a feature flower, and make any bouquet simply stunning.



Bring your love of nature to the forefront with a bouquet full of greens! Not only will it be full of natural elements and tones, but it’ll perfectly complement any wedding decor and colors you have.




Add a pop of sunshine to your wedding with a bouquet of sunflowers! These beauties are bright and cheerful, making them a perfect wedding flower. Whether they’re the standalone flower or paired with something else, they’re sure to elevate your bouquet!


Stargazer LiliesStargazer Lilies

These flowers are sure to stun! The bright color of Stargazers makes them the best choice when it comes to making a wedding bouquet with a statement color. They’re sure to stand out no matter where they’re placed in the bouquet!



Carry the meaning of deep love with you as you walk down the aisle by including tulips in your bridal bouquet! Full of life and available in many colors, tulips are a gorgeous addition to any bouquet.



Your bridal bouquet can be whatever you want it to be! Use some of the flowers above in your bouquet or choose something new. Whatever flowers you choose for your bouquet will be stunning! Not sure what you’re wanting? A local florist can help you decide!

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