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December Card Messages

There are so many reasons to send flowers this December! Finding the right message can be hard. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:  [Read more…]

December Card Messages ’16

December is for celebrating and gift-giving! Whether you are sending a beautiful Poinsettia to your mom or ordering a festive flower arrangement for a hostess gift, keep reading to find the perfect card message!

[Read more…]

5 Romantic Christmas Card Messages

Jingle Blooms

Buying flowers for Christmas is always the right choice. It’s a personalized gift (You did buy them at your local florist … didn’t you?) that injects a bit of happiness into anyone’s day. The challenge with any floral gift lies in the card. What are you going to say? Here are five options to help give you the right words.

December DreamsGreen MystiquePeppermint Pleasures

5 Heartfelt Card Messages

  1. Because you are the joy and good tidings in my life. Merry Christmas!
  2. ‘Tis the season for romance. Merry Christmas!
  3. Our first Merry Christmas. Here’s to many more in the future!
  4. Even when it’s cold outside you keep my heart warm. Merry Christmas!
  5. I wouldn’t want to snuggle by the fire with anyone else. Merry Christmas!

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10 Fun and Touching Christmas Card Messages

Christmas flowers are the BEST flowers! Who wouldn’t love to receive a gorgeous bouquet from a loved one? What host/hostess wouldn’t want to be given a beautiful centerpiece or handcrafted wreath? The question isn’t whether or not to give flowers this holiday season, but rather what you should put on that blank card when you do?

We’re here to help!  Just look below for 10 fun and/or touching Christmas card messages.

Bright Winter Sky Seasonal Style Starry-Eyed Joy

Christmas Card Messages

1. Hold this over your head, and we can pretend it’s mistletoe!

2. Christmas blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

3. Here’s a gift guaranteed to fit, and it won’t just hang in your closet like that sweater you got from Aunt Myrtle.

4. For my personal Christmas miracle.

5. How about we get a head start on making next year’s Naughty List?

6. Wishing you all the best this Christmas Day.

7. Hoping your day is filled with love and laughter.

8. Here’s a heaping helping of Holiday Cheer.

9. Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas!

10. Sending you love and joy this holiday season.

Christmas is just around the corner. We know you have a lot to do before the big day, but don’t forget to order your flowers. They are the best decoration money can buy!

FSN’s Top 10 Best of Christmas

We’ve written tons of Christmas articles over the years, here at Flower Shop Network. This season, we are bringing you are top 10 favorites!

10. At Christmas, All Roads Lead Home — Don’t Forget To Bring Flowers!

Fun Christmas Flower ArrangementThis Christmas, take home a gorgeous flower arrangement, in a style everyone will love! Whether it’s for mom, the wife, girlfriend, family or friends — everyone is sure to love Seasonal Style. This is our hands-down favorite for this month! It’s unique colors and shiny Christmas ornaments make this a holiday flower arrangement you won’t soon forget!

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9. Christmas Card Messages That’ll Have You Dancing Around The Tree

Ever feel like the right Christmas message is on the tip of your tongue but you can’t seem to get it on the enclosure card? Local florists have the holiday spirit wrapped up. After seeing hundreds of Christmas card messages over the years, they have a pretty good handle on how to send the right message along with beautiful Christmas flowers.

Continue reading for the best in Christmas Card Messages.

8. The Many Uses of Christmas Flowers: Gifts, Tips, Decorations & More!

Christmas Flower ArrangementRed poinsettias, ‘Casa Blanca’ lilies, and the scent of fresh Christmas greens are the basis for many Christmas decorations.  Sure flowers make great decorations, but what about sending flowers as Christmas gifts?  Flowers are a fantastically appropriate gift for Christmas and other religious holidays. You won’t have to worry if they are the right size, shape, or color.  You can rest assured they won’t already have one.  Whether you use flowers for decorations or as a gift, now is the time to explore the world of Christmas flowers. [Read more…]