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Scam Takes A New Approach Via Email

Flower Shop Network has received several reports of a new twist to an old scam.

In the old scam, florists received a call through the hearing impaired service from a caller wanting to order several $200 wedding arrangements. The caller was willing to pay a large sum of money for the flowers using a credit card. The caller would have a courier service pick up the flowers. The catch – they wanted the florist to charge the credit card and give the courier service cash.

The new scam is basically the same scenario, but the contact is made through email.

All florists should be aware of this scam and be wary of any order that sounds to good to be true.

Florists Beware of Hearing Impaired Scam

We just got a call from a local Ohio flower shop, Burnett Flowers, about a scam targeting florists. Flower Shop Network would like to let all of you hard-working florists know about this scam.

Greg from Burnett Flowers got a call on Monday, June 21st, through the hearing impaired  phone service (ttd relay) from someone wanting to place a $1600+ order. Fortunately for Greg, the relay service being used cut out before the order could be completed. After a little research, Greg found out it was a scam and notified us.

Greg discovered that 2 other florists from Eaton, Ohio had gotten a similar call. Florists from Ohio, Indiana, and even Kentucky should be cautious of this scam!

This type of scam is very similar to the Michigan florists scam last December. Here is an example of one of the calls from a Michigan florist:

Lynn from Bea’s Flowers & Gifts in Plymouth, MA’s said: “Here is a summary of the phone call I received on Nov. 23 regarding an order for 20 dozen roses. I received a call from the operator stating I had a call from someone who was deaf and she would need to interpret the call. The customer wanted to order 20 dozen mixed roses and was willing to pay $800 for the flowers and then added $950 to that for a delivery charge. They said they would have a truck pick up the flowers and we would then pay them the $950 for the shipping cost. They wanted us to put a total of $1,798.00 on a credit card and out of that we would pay the driver of the truck the $950 and keep the $848 for the roses. I asked for a name and phone number and this is what they gave me: Bella Mark at (917) 477-3043. I declined the order stating I was worried this was a stolen credit card and the customer hung up. I also reported this to the Plymouth Township Police.”

Have you been targeted by this scam? Use this website to report phone scams.

Please, if anyone else comes across this, or any other floral industry scams, let us know by emailing social@flowershopnetwork.com.

Florists Beware Scammers Want To Steal Your Christmas

Flower Shop Network received emails from the Connecticut Florists Association and Michigan Floral Association this morning about the same scam.  Florists should beware of any email or phone call wanting the florist to provide flowers that will be picked up by a private shipper. Below is the scam florists are receiving.

[SCAM MESSAGE] I am Marc Gluckman by name and i will like to order for 4 big bouquets flowers for my UNCLE wedding and i want the price range of  $300 per one Approximately 26″ W x 41″ H and the color should be in bright summer color, it will be pick up by a private shipper on the 19th of december and want them arranged in vaces so can i have the total cost that now so that i can pay with my card now so i want you to get back to me with your contact phone number and also with the total charges and if you are available on that day so that we can make the arrangement.

Michigan Florists Beware Of Hearing Impaired Scam

I received this email from the Michigan Florist Association about a scam targeting florists. Flower Shop Network believes consumers and hard-working florists should be aware of this scam and protect themselves.

Just because this scam is occurring in Michigan doesn’t mean they won’t target other florists across the country. Many scams start in one state only to migrate into other states. Rodney and his staff did a fantastic job outlining what to be aware of when you receive a hearing impaired call. Notice this is just a new twist on an old scam “Give $$$ to shipper”

We can shut down these scammers if we get the word out. So pass this information on.

A new “Hearing Impaired” scam is hitting florists in Michigan. Operators call from a deaf phone service (ttd relay) wanting 20 dozen roses. Four shops have been contacted via e-mail, telephone, or both with this scam: Swonk’s in Battle Creek, Vanessa’s in Plymouth, Ribar’s in Plymouth and Bea’s Flowers & Gifts in Plymouth. Thank you to these shops for keeping us updated.

*Victor from Vanessa’s said “We just got the call from (917) [Read more…]

Avoiding Fraudulent Orders This Holiday Season

Red Holiday CenterpieceFlower Shop Network is catching wind of the newest trend in florist talk. The holiday gift-giving season is back which means there are a lot of fraudulent orders and scam orders floating around. Don’t be alarmed! We’ve heard the rumors too and want to make sure that you’re protected from sending/receiving a fraudulent order. Here are tips that will help keep you safe from scam this holiday season.

  • Scrutinize unusually large or hurried orders. Almost all fraudulent orders tend to be larger than average. Though some appropriate instances call for large orders, note particularly large and hurried orders.
  • Verify sender contact information. Make sure that the sender has listed a contact phone number, physical address (which can be verified on Google Maps), and other information that lets you know you are dealing with a REAL person.
  • Pay attention to the signature on the credit card. Make sure that the signature on sender’s credit card matches the signature of the sender. Also, make sure that the signature is a real name and not an obvious nick name.
  • Do not accept foreign (Non US or Canadian) credit card orders. Approximately 30% of all foreign orders are fraudulent.
  • Note the email address and corresponding mail server. Take particular note if the account is a setup under a free server such as Yahoo! mail, Gmail, and others or a very strange server as these can be obtained by anyone anywhere.

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