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Top 5 Trendiest Flowers This Valentines Day

We’ve already discussed this month how Valentine’s flowers aren’t always roses and baby’s breath. Going the extra mile to make it extra personal always pays off in the end. Here we’ve compiled a list of the trendiest flowers for Valentines Day 2013 (Coming up Feb 14th) that doesn’t include roses! If you don’t know your honey’s favorite flower, I can almost guarantee she’ll love one of these!

Light Pink Alstroemeria 5. Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is a beautiful and delicate flower that kind of resembles a lily mixed with a gladiolus. Their big, showy blooms come in many beautiful colors and are used by florists in so many creative ways.

These flowers work well in many styles of floral arrangements, especially in traditional or garden-style designs.

 4. CarnationPurple Carnations

Carnations have made a huge comeback in recent years with the appearance of bright new colors and styles. Florists have also found incredibly creative ways to showcase this ruffly flower. And you’ve got to love their long-lasting abilities!

Carnations come in so many unique and vivid colors now, as well as different sizes and styles.

3. TulipTrendy Tulip

The elegance of a tulip is undeniable. Even it’s champagne glass-like shape echos romance. Even their flower meaning is about love. Red tulips mean declaration of love and yellow tulip mean hopelessly in love; what more can you say on Valentine’s Day?

Tulips are available in many different colors and also sizes. Their stems are unique in the fact that they can be bent and shaped in many ways, this gives florists many more artistic options.

Calla Lily2. Calla

The Calla lily is actually not a lily at all! It’s real name is Zantedeschia aethiopica; as you can see, Calla lily is a whole lot easier to say. These lovely flutes are a growing favorite among flower-lovers and brides. They also look fabulous in arrangements, especially for Valentine’s Day!

Callas come in a large variety of colors, including some beautiful purples and deep burgundies.

Red LA Lily1. Lily

The (real) lily is a classic favorite! It’s size can double that of roses, and they come in such beautiful colors — it’s just impossible not to love this flower. Send bright red lilies or go for something different and use white or one of the many shades of pink available.

You just can’t go wrong when sending lilies on Valentines Day.

No matter what trendy, rose alternative you choose for your Valentine’s Day flowers, be sure to always always always use a real local florist to send them! Flower Shop Network is a big supporter of local flower shops. If you don’t know your florist, use our handy florist finder!

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