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Croton? Isn’t That Part of An Atom?

My science teacher would fall backward in his chair if he heard my title for this post. The humor in that visual image alone is enough to keep it. As much as I’d like to believe that a croton goes hand-in-hand with protons, neutrons, and electrons inside an atom–indeed it does not. It’s a really fun houseplant. Well, as fun as a houseplant can be since they lack frisbee playing skills.

Croton Plant Basket

Croton Plant Basket

What Most People Know About Croton Plants:

Croton (Codiaeum variegatum pictum) plants are tropical plants that thrive outdoors in bright sunlight. They are great patio plants and beautiful additions to walkways and slightly shaded gardens. They like it steamy. We’re not talking sauna-steam here. Croton plants do enjoy areas of high humidity though and must be kept consistently moist. Afterall, tropical locations like beaches or lush forests tend to be very moist places.

What Most People Don’t Know About Croton Plants:

I’ll admit it. Croton plants are pretty awesome to have around. They are strikingly colorful so they draw attention to otherwise neglected spaces. They are a break from more traditional houseplants due to their bold form and presentation. They have “that little something extra” that makes them easy to remember and easy to love. I mean, come on. They’re beautiful! If you’re asked to identify a list of 12 houseplants (croton among them) but all the others are standard green houseplants, you’ll probably mark down Croton first because its distinctiveness makes it the easiest to remember.

This unique characteristic also makes it the perfect gift for someone who likes standard gifts with an edge. Sending houseplants is always a hit. Sending a colorful tropical plant is a can’t miss gift for someone who likes a bit of quirkiness every now and then. The occasion is almost irrelevant. If you are in the mood for a unique gift idea, consider sending croton plants. Even if you want to snatch up a few of these babies for yourself, it’s easy to do when you contact your local florist.

Own a croton plant or received one as a gift? Let us  know what you like about it!

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